Top 10 Must Read Completed Manga

Top 10 Must Read Completed Manga

Many Manga fans may have been hooked on the ongoing developments of the top manga publications that are currently ruling the hype all over the world. Naruto, One Piece, Bleach and other several noted names are the top most read manga’s worldwide.

But while these manga’s dominated, hidden within the completed books and finished publications is a jewel of art which have paved the way and inspired the past generations.
Let’s take a look at the already completed list of the Top 10 Must Read Completed Manga.

10. Full Metal Alchemist

The most interesting, breath holding, suspense building, plot twisting, and tear jerking manga to have possible finish to date. Full Metal Alchemist was so good that it went to two different anime adaptations. The first branched off from the original story in the manga while the remake “Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood” followed it to its written ending. A must read manga.


9. Death Note

This manga has one of the most unique story plots. Designed for the more intellectual types, this story gives very exciting storylines, cool twist and a very grim world. If Tim Burton were to make a movie out of this, my life would be complete. A must read for those who like a lot of dark suspense. The main character in this story is the bad guy. Imagine that.

8. Rave Master

For those of you who don’t know yet, Rave Master came from the same writer and author of Fairy Tale. (Yet another big manga name still on ongoing publication) Many of the characters found in this manga and even some techniques and attacks are also found in Fairy Tale. The Anime was never finished but the Manga reached its awesome ending. If you’re a fan of Fairy Tail, odds are, you’ll like this manga too.

7. Air Gear

This manga had an anime adaptation which was never finished. With a more adult storyline and a lot of ecchi it would be understandable why the anime barely did half of the series. But the overall storyline and adventure found on the manga is unique. If you’re into roller blades and the like, you’ll really enjoy this manga.

6. Mirai Nikki

This manga one of the darker manga in terms of genre. Featuring a cowardly boy and a very obsessed girl, this story has a lot of murders, death and a lot of twist. Like Death Note and Full Metal Alchemist, stories like this are meant for short publication and the beauty in it is to end it. Regardless of its length Mirai Nikki (Or Future Diary) is one quick relief action, manga.

5. Flame of Recca

Believe it or not the anime covered only 1/4 of the manga. After the arc on the tournament there were 2 more arc’s until its glorious ending. This action packed romance/ action adventure manga ended gracefully. If you got hooked in the anime, read the manga.

4. Psyren

Another addition to the darker genres of mangas. This one however shrouds the user in mysteries which will confuse and mislead you. It has a unique storyline and is relatively long to read.

3. Slam Dunk

The anime never did finish the story. The continuing adventure of our favorite red headed basketball stars finishes the age old dispute between Shohoku and Kainan. Basketball fans will definitely enjoy the Japanese sports manga.

2. Onani Master Kurasawa

To summarize the story, it’s about a guy who has daily jizz sessions on the girls bathroom on the third floor. Yet the very disgusting beginning evolves into a very inspiring and wonderful plot. A must read to all.

1. Kekkaishi

The Anime for this manga had a very different story. The development of this manga from where the anime left out on will shock and surprise you. The classic “Loser” who is actually the “chosen one” theme. I can’t really say I liked the ending. It was weird, but overall a nice manga.


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