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Top 10 Myths About Photography as a Profession

Top 10 Myths About Photography as a Profession

Photography is one of the most revered and fantasized professions, ever since ‘camera obscura’ was invented by a Byzantine mathematician. Since the invention of the first single-lens reflex camera, photography has kept dazzling the human mind, so the photographers. As time has passed away, this profession has gained momentum as one of the most prestigious, glorious, intellectual, and prized profession which returns in gold, if not platinum. Now, as with the inception of digital photography SLR has become an easy reach, every next person dreams of being a photographer as a way to get close shot to fame and fortune.

Here are top 10 myths about photography as a profession.

10. Can determine your own work hours: Unless you are a true ‘pro,’ you are not going to enjoy the luxury of determining your own work-hours. There will be clients, companies, or your mentors who will decide that for you. In fact, during the initial years, you may have to work on holidays, Sundays, and weekends too.

9. Hourly charge is not your hourly income: Many aspiring photographers think that their hourly charge is equal to their hourly income. What about the post-shoot developing, editing, sending hard copies, and taking the print outs? Also, what about the time you travel? These are not chargeable.

8. Facebook likes do not make you a pro: Every next person is clicking something and posting that on Facebook, Instagram etc and receiving huge accolades from friends and pals. And they are falling prey to the wrong notion that they have become a professional photographer. No, you are not.

7. Clients appreciate creativity: Unusual camera angles, different style, amazing landscapes will captivate the clients and make them go down on their knees to appreciate your creative senses. No, reality is just the opposite. Most of the clients you will come across, will least expect experiment with their project. Clients love what is normal and typical.

6. A good personal website attracts better clients: Clients have nothing to do with your photography website and those magnificent shots you have showcased there. Reasons? First, they may not find your un-optimized website in the search engines. Next, they will prefer to go for references instead of trying out a new shooter.

5. You don’t always need a backup kit: Terribly wrong misconception which can be fatal too. Imagine yourself in a birthday bash of a millionaire when suddenly your 70-300 mm lens gives up appreciating the beauties around.

4. You can draft your own contract: Search Google and you will find a thousand websites offering free photography contract formats. But they are full of loopholes. Only a licensed law-practitioner or attorney can create the contract.

Photography as A Profession

3. I love ‘natural lighting’: Yes, you can love that, but if you say that to hide your minimum knowledge about lighting and using flash, then you are going to be thrown out of the contract very soon.

2. Networking is for incompetents: No, the world is surviving on networking, then why not photographers? Without networking, you will be nothing.

1. Blogging helps: It helps only if you are an internationally acclaimed photographer or into NGC.

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