Top 10 Negative Effects of Technology

Top 10 Negative Effects of Technology

Technology has helped the world in so many ways. In fact, many people would say that they would not know what to do without technology. Truth is, there is not turning back for mankind and its relationship with their gadgets! However, as amazing as technology is, there are still some drawbacks on this amazing invention and here they are.

(10) Isolation

This is basically your lack of contact with other people. Because of our little comfortable space around our gadgets, we tend to choose to spend more time with them than with people. Studies have shown that people who isolate themselves with others live a shorter life.

(9) Sedentary Lifestyle

This means that you are physically inactive. Because of how technology entertains you, you no longer want to go out to get some exercise. You won’t feel the bad effects of this right away but eventually, you will develop conditions such as obesity or even heart disease.

(8) Constant Distraction

We miss a lot in school or meetings at work because of the distraction that our cellular phones or tablets give us. Some people even get in car accidents because of texting while driving or worse, get run over because of texting while crossing the street.

(7) Addiction

Because of how awesome technology is, people can’t help but get addicted to it. This is true most especially to children who are introduced to video games. They tend to lose focus with other things and even lose sleep over these games.

(6) Developmental Issues with Children

The minds of the generation of children today are at risk. Because of technology they are given unlimited access to violence, sex, and other bad influences found in the internet and social media. All it takes is for them to figure out how to go around parental controls.

(5) Social Skills Decrease

Children these days are shy around other people. They don’t know how to introduce themselves and mingle during simple activities. If ever you are wondering why, it is because of technology. They lack practice in talking with other people and socializing.

(4) Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep is one major symptom of addiction to technology. How many kids, and even adults, do you see today with gadgets by their bed side? Isn’t it that the first thing they even do in the morning and the last thing they do when they get out of bed is to check their mobile phones or tablets for updates?

Negative Effects of Technology

(3) Pollution

People must know that the rate of development of technological advancement is so fast that the toxicity in the air is increasing rapidly as well. E-wastes have no proper disposal and yet we continue to release deadly chemicals to the ground. Another is the constant use of electricity. Remember to turn off your computers when not in use.

(2) Risk of Identity Theft

Technology and the internet will never be perfect. Remember that there are many hackers out there that can use your information against you such as your name, age, birthday and even credit card information.

(1) Warped Sense of Reality

Some people use technology as an escape from reality. In the long run, they start to believe that what they see in the internet is their reality. You can see this in some FaceBook users who are very much different in real life.


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