Top 10 Online Games to Play with When You’re Bored

Top 10 Online Games to Play with When You’re Bored

Daily work at the office tends to be tiresome and boring, but you need to counter these feelings and break the ice. A little break is necessary sometimes to help you out on the day’s work. Get some minor distractions or find ways to kill those boring times. Below are just some of the few fun, mind boggling, easy, and free games available online or for you to download. Just be careful to play with these and still won’t be hooked up because these little puzzles tend to be highly addictive:

10. Monkey Island

Monkey Island is an addicting mind puzzle game. You need to find ways to fit the different pieces of land all together. Solving the puzzle will help you save the monkey that got stranded on the island.

9. Beetle Buggin

Got stuck in your office desk? Try Beetle Buggin. This cool little game will kill the boredom. All you need to do is to direct the tiny VW bug over a messy desk.

8. Hangaroo

This is somehow a combination of your Hangman and Wheel of Fortune. This word puzzle game offers a lot of different categories. To start, it will randomly choose one category. Give the needed answer to solve the puzzle or else the kangaroo gets hung.

7. Speed Racing

For car racing enthusiast, get your engines starting and enjoy the game. Speed Racing is a racing game with high quality effects. All you need to do is to get into the finish line first than you’re virtual competitors. This is perfect for all those NASCAR fanatics who are too busy and are stuck in the office.

6. Free Fall

Simple physics will help. Free Fall allows you to help that skydiver get its way through the clouds. Simple navigation techniques will help you win. But, you need a mouse for you to enjoy the game.

Vedeo Games

5. Udder Insanity

Just bored and want to have little fun? Connect with It offers you a silly childish game that requires your milking skills. Save all the cows from blowing up through milking them.

4. Puppy Curling

Want to see some cute puppies? Play the Puppy Curling. Have fun curling with those puppies.

3. Quad

Are you a Tetris player? This might interest you too. This “tetris-like” puzzle game will allow you to think and act as quickly as possible. Browse through I am Bored and get this now!

2. Funky Truck

Missed those monster trucks? Funky Truck will keep you busy – climbing hills and bouncing over bumps. As you race a big monster truck you get to have points and more additional bonuses if you can race in style. Just be careful with your touches. They will either keep you in track or flip you over the road.

1. Trivia Machine

Want to test your stored knowledge? Get that challenge with Miniclip’s version of trivial pursuit. Numerous categories will be offered from music, history, movies, and many more. Also, this game can be adjusted to your skill level capacity. You can play as elementary, scholar, or genius.


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