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Top 10 Pick Up Lines that Actually Work

Top 10 Pick Up Lines that Actually Work

Women have become so used to cheesy pick up lines that most can smell one coming even from across the room in a crowded restaurant or bar. All those “chivalry is dead” and “gender equality” discussions has lead many women to believe that men who ‘still’ use pick up lines are mostly just players looking for a hook up. Sad news for men who are not? Not really.

Confidence is still the key and a good old fashioned pick up line. Ladies, you can sit this one out (or not). Gentlemen, here are 10 pick up lines that actually work.



  1. “Hi, Miss. Is this seat taken?”

It’s generic, it’s polite, and the turn down won’t be as embarrassing. If she’s into you, she’ll bite into it and let you sit with her. If she’s not, she will give you a courteous “yes, that seat is taken”. No dramas. No cheesy what’s-its and cringe-worthy statements that can merit you a look of disdain or hilarity.


  1. “I’m sorry. You were saying?”

Here’s a technique: walk up with your back to her, pretend you are busy with something or you are talking on the phone. Then quickly drop what you are doing and face her, saying “I’m sorry. You were saying?” You will get a look of surprise or irritation, either way you already have her attention. Work from there.


  1. “I bet you a hundred bucks you will ignore me.”

Two things that most women will not back down from: a bet and the chance to prove you wrong. This is a pick up line that puts you in perfect position for both, and she will have no choice but to give you her attention, unless she is willing to lose that hundred bucks just to get you out of her face.


  1. “Let me buy you a glass of…”

Smooth and confident. Walk up to a lady in a bar and tell her straight on that you will buy her a drink of her choice. Would this work? There’s always a 50/50 chance that it would. Since you were brave enough to walk up to her and offer to buy her a drink (a room full of people would be much better), that would make up for something and you can be one lucky guy.


  1. “Do you come here often?”

Classic pick up line that has seen a lot of turn downs, but surprisingly has worked many times too. Depends on the situation, really. But when you decide to strike up a conversation with a lady, especially if you are new to the place, this can be a good start. You can ask her to show you around or what you should order and that’s a good topic to start your conversation.


  1. “I’d like to ask your opinion about…”

Here’s another classic, and one that screams “I’d like to know what’s on your mind”, which as you may know gentlemen, is a huge turn on for the ladies. Women like it when their opinion is given value and you, a guy, turn to them for inquiry about anything under that you would like their opinion about. When they do answer, this is where you strike up the conversation.


  1. “This place is really…”

Walk up to her while she is watching something – a view, the television, somewhere afar – breathe in like you’re breathing fresh air from the meadows, and declare “This place is really…” Say something witty and something positive, especially if she seems to be a regular in the place. Complimenting her restaurant choice is like complimenting her indirectly, which is directly good.


  1. “Do you mind if I sit down here for a minute?”

When she looks up and sees many free seats around the bar or restaurant, and she realizes that you want to sit down next to her, you can just get her full attention. When you do, don’t screw it up.


  1. “You have really beautiful eyes.”

It’s the cheesiest among the cheesy pick up lines but meh. The point is that you compliment a part of her body other than her boobs or somewhere else that’s not visible with clothes on. Women would like to come across a gentleman sometimes.


  1. “Hi. My name is…”

Well, nothing says “I would like to talk to you and get to know you more because I think you’re beautiful and interesting” than to simply come up to her and say “Hi. My name is…” No preambles or cheesy what-nots. Just a simple “Hi. My name is…”



What we are trying to say, gentlemen, is that women may be of equal power as men nowadays, but women still appreciate a chivalrous and courteous man once in a while. You won’t lose anything if you try, but you can have something good to gain.

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