Top 10 Questions Parents Must Ask Teachers During a Parent Teacher Conference

Top 10 Questions Parents Must Ask Teachers During a Parent Teacher Conference

(10) What type of a learner is my child?

Children learn in different ways. Some are visual learners, tactile learners and the like. Knowing how your child absorbs information will help you in determining how you can help them learn as well.

(9) What areas does my child need improvement in?

Your child is not perfect. There will be some areas in school that he needs improvement in. Sometimes, it is academic such as math, science or arts. Other times, it could be making friends, talking to others or confidence. Knowing his issues at school is important because it might be a reflection of the things going on at home.

(8) Does my child seem like a happy one?

Your child’s disposition at home and at school may be different. At home, he may be very bubbly. But at school, it could be a different story.  Being happy is essential to every child. Otherwise, their academic status will be affected.

(7) How can I communicate with you more regularly?

Parent-teacher conferences are regular. However, it is best that you have constant communication with the teachers. Have a communication notebook where you can send notes to the teacher regarding homework and activities.

(6) Is my child a candidate for accreditation?

You might now know it and the teacher might not be mentioning it but it is important to know if your child is a candidate for accreditation. Skipping a year in school can save you a lot of expense and time.

(5) What skills should my child be able to master by the end of this school year?

This is basically a way to assess if your child is on the right track. For instance, if the teacher says your child should be able to add two digit numbers by September, then check on that. Ask for a timeline that you can refer to.

(4) What areas does my child excel in?

Know the skills of your child so you can improve them even more. This could be the key to their great future ahead. For example, if the teacher says that your child is really good at science, then encourage him to learn it more. Enroll him in extra classes or buy him books or DVD’s that will further broaden his knowledge.

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(3) Is my child showing any interest in extra-curricular activities?

Outside of academics are extra-curricular activities which can be very healthy for your child. So if your child shows interest in sports, support it and finance it. Sports are very good for his health and will keep him away from bad vices. It could also potentially be the key to a college scholarship or future career.

(2) Are there are any issues my child is having with her peers?

Bullying is a big issue across all schools at present. Ask the teacher if your kid has problems making friends, or worse, if he has any issues with people who are bullying him. Addressing these issues as early as possible is imperative before it becomes worse.

(1) Is she showing signs of moodiness, aggressiveness or hyperactivity?

As early as childhood, certain personality disorders can already be detected and controlled. Ask for signs of bipolar, ADHD, depression and the like especially if you know it runs in the family.


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