Top 10 Reasons for Hair Fall of Men

Top 10 Reasons for Hair Fall of Men

A plethora of causes result in uninhibited loss of miffs of hairs in men. Importantly hairs transform looks of individuals ingeniously. A bald often receives a shrug at public places, whereas one with hairs at proper proportions receives an ogle from ladies in the streets!  Thus it is clear that losing hairs can give you nightmares most of the times times. Let’s find out the top ten reasons that are responsible for hair loss in men.

10. Hairstyles and chemical usage on scalp.

Hairstyles do affect the hairs dearly; they result in premature hair fall. Again, using artificial chemicals to improve upon the hair quality and strength to allow stylish hairstyles can also be dubbed as particular reasons for hair fall in men.

9. Obsessive-compulsive disorder of pulling and plucking hair

Some men possess a wrong habit of plucking hairs regularly. This is a kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder which can be cured solely by psychological treatment. Although this does not initiate due to any biological reason but the end result is the same.

8. Deficiencies in nutrition

Hairs emanate from dead cells, yet require nutrition for proper maintenance and if the scalp is not getting the required nutritional elements then hair losses are a natural result.

7. Atmospheric changes also affect hair loss

Using Air conditioner in office and home feel really good but it causes adverse effects on hair. Hairs have a low capacity to stay unaffected during these changes and hence they must be conditioned regularly to keep them in a healthy state.

6. Autoimmune Diseases are considered causes of losses

If anyone is having arthritis or diabetes then it’s their own immune system sometimes, which attacks healthy blood cells. If the affected person’s immune system attacks hair follicles or other cells which are important for hair growth, then eventually hair starts to fall due to it.

5. Junk food items are deplorable indeed!

We all know that every type of junk food is bad for the body in one or the other. Oil based junk food like chips effect most. Eating junk food results in low nutrition for the body.

4. Lack of required amount of sleep

Sleep is not only important for ensuring retention of mental health and freshness but also for bettering the condition of the hairs. If the patient does not sleep well then dark circles form under eyes and hairs start to fall. Diseases like insomnia, narcolepsy may even lead to complete baldness in extreme cases.

3. Intake of prohibited substances or drugs

Certain medicines cause removal of hair from different parts of the body if not taken properly. The hair losses may be temporary or permanent. Doctors prescribe medicines which correlate properly with patients but if the patients do not take the medicine according to the requisite amount then it may result in hair loss.Reasons for Hair Fall of Men

2. Genetics

Genetics plays a major role in every aspect of a man’s life and the same goes for his hair condition too. If a man has a faulty gene then he may lose his lose hair prematurely. And there is no medicine that can stop hair fall, if the prime reason is genetics.

1. Stress

The most common and fatal reason for hair loss is Stress. If the victim stresses himself way too much then due to that excessive stress his hair growth reduces prematurely and it is thus advised to prevent from stressing yourself too much.


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