Top 10 Reasons Not To Shop Online

Top 10 Reasons Not To Shop Online

The internet is one big market. E commerce websites are everywhere. Truth is, you can practically find anything and everything you need online. However, you need to be careful with the shopping online. There is trouble that goes with it. Here are top 10 reasons to shop on malls instead of online.

(10) Shipping fee is expensive.

Shipping fee, especially international rates are really expensive. There are many means to ship packages and each one of it is quite costly. In addition to this, you won’t be able to choose the shipping company of your choice. It will be in the discretion of the online seller.

(9) You won’t be able to check out the item before you pay for it.

One thing that smart shoppers to is to try out or check out items profusely before they go shopping. For example, even if sizes are published on the website, it still varies from country to country. A size 10 for the seller might not be a size 10 for you. It is still best to be able to try out apparel before purchasing it.

(8) Credibility is a big question.

How sure can you be that all the online stores you see online are credible? This is something that all online shoppers carry with them whenever they shop. Most online sellers will not approve a transaction or product reservation unless you pay for the product. And after you pay, you won’t be really sure they will send you the merchandise.

(7) Transactions fees are quite high.

Online payment transactions are quite expensive. This is even truer when it comes to international transactions. There are many online payment methods all of which include transaction fees. The more you pay, the larger the fee. This is just the way it is. Online payment companies also need to make money.

(6) You give away personal information.

All online stores and sellers will require you to provide personal information. Some will even ask you for your email address, birthday and credit card number. It’s okay if you give this to someone who really sells online but you really never know when you would meet a scammer.

Shopping Online

(5) Delivery takes too long.

The estimated time of delivery is always unsure. Your seller can always tell you that your product will be in your doorstep in the next two week only to find out it won’t be. When the product is shipped all you can rely on is your shipping transaction number and most of the time you won’t get any decent responses.

(4) Unclear transactions with sellers.

There will always be a communication barrier when things are being talked about online. Personal transactions are still preferable. The sellers you meet online might understand something different on the other end or vice versa. Thus, you could be paying for something you don’t want or he could be shipping a different product than you paid for.

(3) No Return, No Exchange policy.

The no return no exchange policy is a must to all distributors and manufacturers. This is a right that all sellers are privileged with. With online shopping, you will be unable to return a product if it is damaged because, first of all, you don’t know where to ship it back and second, it just takes too much time, effort and money.

(2) Fake items are everywhere.

Ladies love shopping for stuff online. If you are a woman, then you have to admit that big brands are one of your weaknesses. Class A and fake items are all over the world. Don’t’ fall prey into online stores that promise authentic products. It is still best to get items from direct manufacturers.

(1) It is very hard to control.

Because the selection is so big online, it is easier to get addicted to online shopping here. Plus it’s so easy, you can just purchase anything with a click of a button. It’s tempting and your credit limit will suffer.


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