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Top 10 Reasons to Buy the iPhone 4S

Top 10 Reasons to Buy the iPhone 4S

If you are one of the few people who are not bothered with the iPhone craze, then here are 10 reasons why you need to buy the iPhone 4S now:

10. It gives you satisfaction.

iPhones are known to be reliable, won’t let you experience any crashes, and most of all it won’t let you deal with any mobile phone issues compared to other brands. Apple is known to make its very own hardware, create all of its software, which is why more and more people are switching to iPhones these days.

9. It has amazing Apps.

You can access thousands of amazing applications on the App Store and most of them are free. Buying an App is okay as well, since they come in reliable prices made exclusively for its users alone.

8. It has a stand-out design.

The iPhone 4S is one of the slimmest handset that you can get on the market today. You can fit it comfortable in your pocket or anything that will perfectly fit it safely. Its design is strikingly beautiful, making you stand-out above the rest.

Buy an iphone 4s

7. It has an amazing battery life.

Even though the iPhone 4S is running on an A5 dual core processor and has an 8MP camera, you won’t have any problems with it since you can enjoy your phone on a certain amount of time. You can browse on your iPhone for 6-9 hours, listen to your favourite music for 40 hours straight, have a conversation with your friends for 8 hours, and gives you a standby time of 200 hours.

6. It has an improved antenna.

The iPhone 4S has a dual-antenna design so you can have a better reception and has an improvement on its call feature as well. These improvements will surely get you more clarity when you are on the phone with someone and many more.

5.  It has Airplay Mirroring.

This feature is an addition to the iPhone models. This actually works well to those who own an Apple TV. So, whatever you do on your phone will actually reflect on the Apple TV you have. So, whether you are playing your favourite game or browsing the web, you can absolutely do it on the big screen.

4. It has Siri in it.

By having this phone, it allows you to have your virtual assistant named Siri. Siri helps you to multitask and answers any questions you need to know in managing your phone well.

3. It has a great video camera.

Its camera allows you to take videos on full HD. It also has features to make your videos even a lot better like image stabilization and temporal noise reduction.

2.  It has an amazingly great camera to capture your perfect moments.

This phone houses an 8MP camera, which allows you to print out crystal clear photos all the time. So, if you love taking photos, then you can surely take advantage of this feature. It also features a new custom Image Signal Processor (ISP) and an improved illumination sensor as well.

1. It has great performance.

The iPhone 4S is truly the phone that you are looking for if you wanted to experience a fast performance on its processor. You will its difference compared to any other phones when you are using any of its apps or games giving you sharp details and great graphics all at the same time.

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