Top 10 Reasons to Read Newspapers

Top 10 Reasons to Read Newspapers

The newspaper is something which is more than just a piece of paper. It is a storehouse of information and entertainment. Here are 10 reasons to read newspapers as per the preferences.

10. Portability

The portability of newspapers is much more than anything. The convenience of reading from a newspaper cannot be replaced by any tablet or laptop or mobile and unlike all these gadgets reading from paper does not put any stress on the eye. After reading it one can conveniently fold it and carry it with him.

9. Increasing Vocabulary

Reading a newspaper enhances the vocabulary of any person.  It enhances the word bank of any person as a person gets to read at a minimum of twenty words per day. This helps a person to improve his stock of words when a person wants to communicate in English as reading is a very important aspect of learning English. If anybody wants to converse in English then he should have a rich stock of words.

Read Newspapers

8. No problem of crashing

Unlike any gadget may it be a laptop or a tablet there is no chance of crashing in case of a newspaper. A newspaper does not need to be charged or maintained. The only requirement is one has to carry it and can read It anywhere and everywhere.

7. Getting informed about daily affairs

Without turning the television on one can get all the news about any big or small event through a newspaper. It enriches the readers’ general knowledge. Sometimes it also transcends the opportunities of getting information through any other mode.

6. Cheap

The newspaper is one of the cheapest sources of information. A newspaper costs less than even a cup of tea.  It is also easily disposable and on disposal does not cause any harm to the environment. By chance newspaper gets misplaced by any means then also its’ not a big deal. But we cannot say the same for any gadget which might work the same when it comes to providing information.

5. Availability

A newspaper is available everywhere and anywhere. Even in the farthest corners of the country where electricity or internet are still unavailable newspaper is available and serves as the only mode of gaining information about the rest of the world.

4. Ability to read anywhere

One can read a newspaper while travelling in the plane or train as it does not require any external signal unlike a laptop or mobile. In the plane also a mobile phone is prohibited for safety reasons but a newspaper is not

3. For social interactions

Human beings being a social animal need to live in a society and should be informed about everything going on. One can find interesting stories about any celebrity, advisory columns regarding any tension of life, gossip stories and many more to list for self-entertainment.

2. Employment

Because of the vast reach that newspaper has many job opportunities come through it. Still now in this age of technological advancement also many advertisements regarding job vacancies are given through newspaper because of its accessibility to the mass. A jobless can easily find him/her a job just by reading a newspaper every day.

1. Marketing

Again because of the reach of the newspaper’s marketing is very easy and cheap. If anyone needs a new product which has just been launched in the market then he/she will surely find all the details in a newspaper because today also in marketing newspaper remains the cheapest and the most effective way.


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