Top 10 Reasons to Study in Germany

Top 10 Reasons to Study in Germany

Germany is also termed as the ‘land of new ideas’. Among all European countries Germany ranks first when it comes to patent registrations and stands third in the world when it comes to innovation. The top 10 reasons to study in Germany are as follows:

10. Low fees and Living expenses

The tuition fees in the institutions of Germany are very low and the day to day expenses as well are affordable. A foreign student can sustain himself/herself in 580 euros (for one month). The non-EU students have the provision to work for 90-180 days in order to earn their daily expenses. The daily wage is around 10 Euros.

9. Strong economy

Germany can be termed as the economic powerhouse in the whole continent of Europe. It is the second largest export company in the world has great prospect for any student when it comes to opportunities.

8. Rich cultural background

The art and culture of Germany is very rich and has a very old heritage. Students come from outside in order to carry a detailed research on German culture, art and crafts, architecture etc.

7. Better relation among teachers and students

Top class researchers come from around the globe to the universities in Germany to share their research works. This provides a good grooming ground for any student. The conjuncture of teachings from teachers and research works gives the students a great learning experience.

6. Practical based study and research

Germany always has been in the forefront because of their advanced education system which encourages more of practical field experience than theoretical knowledge. The research centers and institutions have collaboration with the industries in order to provide the students with proper on field experience.

5. Versatile degrees offered

The universities in Germany hold a high reputation in the fraternity of education. The degrees offered here possess great importance to the rest of the world.

4. Subjects offered

German universities offer various programs and a student from outside can choose any among all the available ones as per his/her skills and capabilities. There are over 10,000 different subjects to choose from. Names of the few subjects among those many offered are; arts, history, international business, linguistics, archaeology, biology, chemistry, engineering, international business, physics, medicine, pharmacy.

3. Bachelor and Master Degree completed with ease

Both the bachelor and master degree can be completed from the same university. The bachelor program takes a span of 3 years and the master program takes a span of 2 years for completion. After the completion of bachelor degree the student can easily apply for the master degree in the same university. Scholarships are available based on the performance of bachelor degree.

Study in Germany

2. Advantage of bilingual capability

The students from different countries get admission in German universities through various entrance examinations which tests English of the students. After passing it and getting an admission in any of the institutions a student naturally begins to grasp the German language. And now-a-days there are great prospects and job opportunities for students being bilingual and its’ more advantageous when one language among the two is German.

1. Job prospects

Since Germany is a country where the economy is mainly directed by industries so there is always a need for fresh minds. The job opportunities are immense here.


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