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Top 10 Reasons to Use MYSQL According to the Users

Top 10 Reasons to Use MYSQL According to the Users

MySQL is an excellent embedded database for the web. The business persons prefer to use my MySQL because of several reasons. The top 10 reasons to use MySQL is listed below.

10. Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

For new development projects mainly MySQL is used because the corporations have realized that they can make some real cost savings. A great performance and scalability can be obtained at a very low cost.

9. 24X7 support and open source Freedom  

All the quires that the corporation has can be put up to the 24X7 support of MySQL. Moreover it is not an open source project because it is supported and owned by Oracle. So that is why a combination of open source freedom and around the clock service is available.

8. Management Ease

The quick start capability is excellent in MySQL. The average time for the software download to the installation being complete is less than fifteen minutes. The self-management features such as auto-restart and auto-space expansion are very well handled by MySQL.

7. Comprehensive Application Development

The popularity of MySQL is mostly due to the comprehensive support it provides to every application developer. For the stored procedures, views, triggers and support functions can be found. Anything that is needed by the developers for building a very good database driven information system is provided by MySQL.

6. Strong Data Protection 

Absolute data protection is provided by MySQL. MySQL’s exceptional security ensures that only the authorized user has the access to the database server. Users of the client machines can also be blocked. Complete physical as well as logical backup is provided by MySQL along with the full recovery.

5. Web and Data Warehouse Strengths

The strengths of MySQL are also applied to the data warehouse environment where MySQL can scale up to the range to terabytes for a single server as well as the architectures which are scaled out. So for business intelligence applications as well as for web applications MySQL is also preferred.

4. Robust Transactional Support

Talking about the transactional database engine MySQL is one of the most powerful ones. The features of MySQL include transaction support, distributed transaction capability and most importantly ACID which stands for atomic, consistent, isolated and durable respectively. Full data integrity is another thing that is assured

3. High Availability

The hallmarks of MySQL include availability and reliability which are rock solid. Many high availability options such as a high speed master and slave replication are provided by MySQL.


2. High Performance 

There is a unique storage-engine architecture which allows configuring the MySQL database server to be configured by the database professionals as per their need. This results in increasing the performance of the system. There are many mechanisms such as the distinctive memory caches, full text indexes and load utilities which enhance the performance ever more. So, all the systems can be managed very well with MYSQL.

1. Scalability and Flexibility

MySQL provides scalability to a large scale and all the deeply embedded applications can be handled very well. Another advantage of MySQL is the platform flexibility which is very essential.

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