Top 10 Reasons Why Losers Give Up

Top 10 Reasons Why Losers Give Up

Do you notice why most people often give up without even trying? If you are one of these people, then here are 10 reasons why losers give up:

10. You think it should be easy.

People think that giving up is the easiest way that they can do, everybody just give up without doing any move because it doesn’t require too much effort in doing it.

9. People often think that trying is a stupid idea.

One of the reasons why you easily give up is because you usually think of what other people are saying. You think of the negative things that people can throw at you when in fact; it’s really none of their business.

Losers Give Up

8. You miss your comfort zone.

When you’re outside of your comfort zone, tendency is you need to adjust to the new environment around you. When you are well adjusted to it already, there will always come a time that you will miss your comfort zone and that will hinder your success in the future.

7. It’s not your dream!

Always remember that everything happens for a reason. It’s okay to dream as long as that dream is realistic and if it’s not, you will not adapt it to yourself. Giving up will not lead you to success. Always take action to problems you encounter.

6. You lack enthusiasm, motivation, and inspiration.

People who lack enthusiasm, motivation and inspiration will not lead you to be successful. When you’re not motivated, you cannot reach your aspirations in life because you don’t have any motive in making it. When you’re inspired, you can work hard to achieve something in your life. However, when people lack those three things, the common thing they do is to give up.

5. You don’t see immediate results.

When you’re doing something don’t be in a hurry to know the result. Every cause has its effect. It only takes time to have the result, maybe because you need to exert much effort for you to reach it. When you’re working hard to achieve your dreams, you will surely be ripping the fruits if your labor in the future.

4. You lack focus.

Nowadays, many things can interrupt you from doing something. There is the social media like Facebook that can distract you. Even if you’re at home doing an important thing when your TV is on, can interrupt you and your focus, which leads you to give up on what you’re currently doing.  Therefore, you better stay in a room that is quiet without any distractions so that you can focus on what you’re doing.

3. You lack self-confidence.

Lack of self-confidence will lead you in giving up without reaching something. If you don’t have the confidence in what you do, you always think of the negative things that may happen but if you have it, everything will just flow smoothly, the right way.

2. Your life is already good enough.

People who suffer from hard times always think to give up and tend to go back to the old life they have. Even though your current life is good, it can be better if you still work hard without any reasons for giving up.

1. ”You Can’t Do It!”

What you hear from other people should be taken out at the other side of your ear. If you internalize that you can’t do it, then you really can’t do it. However, if you don’t believe on the things that they say and believe that you can do it, then it will happen.


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