Top 10 Reasons Why People are Poor

Top 10 Reasons Why People are Poor

If you want to be rich, then why is it that you do not gain the enough wealth out of working very hard for the money? Here are the top 10 reasons why people are poor:

10. They Are Unable To Manage Their State

Being negative is one cause that you can’t achieve your ambitions in life. You’re emotional and physiological state can determine your success in the future. However, if you feel those negative signs like fear and uncertainty, this may affect your decisions and will lead you not to achieve your goals in life. This state can be empowered by you in terms of feelings like passion, courage, and confidence. These will help you achieve your goals and lead you reach your goals.

9. They Set Impotent Goals

Don’t set goals that are too high or too low for you to achieve. You should consider your standards in setting goals, if you know you can achieve it then continue what you’re doing to keep you wealthy.

Poor People

8. They Subscribe To “The Secret”

Others believe in the saying that is written in the philosophy book “The Secret”. People believed that if they follow those things, they could reach their goals in an instant without taking any effort to do so.

7. They Have Limited Beliefs about Life and Money

People believe that they are creatures of circumstance whether they are poor or rich. However, in money matters, rich people are the one who value money while poor ones believe that money doesn’t matter.

6. They Choose Bad Mentors

In choosing mentors you should first consider if the one you choose is a successful one and if he eventually achieved something. Nowadays, many people disguised themselves as successful ones in order for them to be a mentor, offer their advice, and gain money. Your ambition is your motive to be successful. You should achieve this step by step and in a good way. You should be careful in choosing mentors for your own safety, if you choose to have one.

5. They Are Controlled By Fear

Fear is one of the negative signs that can be a disadvantage or advantage in achieving aspirations in life. By learning how to manage your fear, you will be able to overcome them and later on do what you think will help you be the person you wanted to be in the future.

4. They Try To Reinvent the Wheel

Usually, poor people try to reinvent the wheel. They always try to make new ones, which cannot help them in reaching their goals. Instead of reinventing the wheel, better try the proven and effective one.

3. They Are Lousy At Business

There’s no harm if you don’t have any business skills because you can learn it from your successful mentors. The thing that you need to do is choose a reliable and effective mentor.

2. They Are Uncomfortable with Words like “Sales,” Marketing,” And “Persuasion”

Persuasion is an important skill that a person could have. You must learn how to persuade people so that you can share your visions and people will follow your steps because you show them your value as a person. If you don’t have the ability in persuading people, the ideas will not sink to them and cause you to fail in achieving your goals.

1. They Slave Away For a Paycheck

If you want to have more money, you should start to run your own business. You can have this without quitting your job. You can save more money while you’re working and at the same time having a business to manage as well.


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