Top 10 Reasons Why Students Score Less In Exam Than Expectation

Top 10 Reasons Why Students Score Less In Exam Than Expectation

Research on pupils reveal that when they are given to write in the general class environment, their knowledge and effort are commonly seen in their writing, but only when this event is given the name of examination, the attitude of the students change and they become more tensed, puzzled, scared, and this reflects on their paper as well. It is a very common phenomenon that students start to panic as soon as they get the question paper in the examination hall. It is essential to go through the question paper quietly and peacefully, however students make the mistake of getting hyper which finally leads to trouble. This is the reason students score less than their expectations. Top 10 reasons why students score less than their expectation comprise of the following:

10. The less known questions worry the students more and it this effects the output of other answers which they can attend very well. Also, mistakes in sentence construction, spelling, and grammar occur leading to poor marks.

9. Due to time constraint and tension, most of the students’ handwriting appears very untidy and unreadable. Even after writing all the necessary points, they score less just because the examiner fails to read difficult hand writing.

8. It is found in research that students take a lot of time writing the first question. This automatically leads to time constraint for the next answers and students end up answering them in a jiffy.

7. While writing an answer, introduction and conclusion matter a lot. If these two parts are written well, good marks are awarded; but for weak introduction and conclusion, marks drop rapidly no matter how good the rest of the body is.

6. Students often remain concerned about the length of the answer according to the marks instead of its content and quality, which is also a main reason for scoring less.

5. To make a paper appear attractive, proper margins should be maintained, which most of the students consider as waste of time.

4. Students always have a tendency to write more and to write rubbish. The unwanted wastage of words and space irritates the examiner and it results in lesser marks than expected.

Students Score Less

3. Students prefer to write in straight paragraphs without much formatting. So while they write analytically answers in huge paragraphs it puts pressure to the eyes. Using bullet points can make it more noteworthy and interesting to read.

2. Overwriting or scribbling in the answer sheet make the answer sheets look dirty and confuses the paper-checker. So if you need to rewrite, strike through what you want to remove and write the next point above it, and not over it.

1. The last and most important work, the students must not forget, is revising. It is mostly neglected due to lack of time. Students prefer to write in the very last moment instead of revising and rechecking the paper. This is also one of the reasons why they score less than their expectation.

These are the top 10 common areas where students get trapped and lose marks or rather score less than their expectation.


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