Top 10 Reasons You Should Not Be A Parent

Top 10 Reasons You Should Not Be A Parent

Some young adults really go through parenting fantasies most especially if they already established their career. They sometimes feel that the missing piece is a child. Don’t get too excited. Being a parent is so different from what you think it is. Here are top 10 reasons you should not be a parent.

(10) You Will Have Endless Worries

Whether you like it or not, you will worry. All the time, whether you like it or not. At first, worries are as simple as she might fall off the bed but in the long run it becomes “what if someone snatches her from school?” The world is dangerous today and get ready for wrinkles to appear because of worries.

(9) You Will be Unappreciated

You do everything for free, give your kids everything you have, put their own worry before yours and they don’t even thank you for it. Well, that is just the way it is. Don’t even demand appreciation, you will really rarely get it.

(8) You Won’t Have Time to Party Anymore

Say goodbye to your VIP status at your favorite bar. You won’t be able to party anymore. When your child grows and can be left to a nanny, you will feel guilt every time you go out to party. That is just the sad truth and there is nothing you can do about it.

(7) Your Child Will Fail You Over and Over Again

As a parent, you will have dreams and expectations for your child. And they will not fulfil it for you. When you tell them to play fair with their friends, they won’t. That is just their nature. They will do things opposed to what you said.

(6) Your Paycheck Will No Longer be For You

Oh, so you want a new bag to go with your new shoes? Well, you can’t! Your child needs to pay for childcare, food, tuition fee and toys to shut him up every time he has a tantrum. So you might as well block all shopping websites from your news feed.

(5) You Will Lose Time For Your Friends

Saturday afternoon coffee sessions are going to be a myth. There is no longer time to sit down with friends to unwind every weekend. You need to spend time with your child in order for him to develop properly. You also need to save money for her. Coffee with friends just isn’t an option right now.

(4) You Will Have Sleepless Nights

New born babies have the worst body clocks. You can plan to ignore the baby but it won’t work. It is just too irritating to hear a crying baby during 3 in the morning.


(3) You Will Not Be Paid For It

Being a parent is a 24/7 job. You don’t get sick leaves. You don’t get days off. You won’t get paid and worse, you will be the one shouldering all expenses.

(2) You Won’t Have Answers For Their Questions

When children start to become curious, they will be asking questions about things that sometimes you have no idea about. Many times, you will find yourself at wits end and in surprise because of the things that your children have in mind.

(1)    You Won’t Be Able to Fulfil Your Dreams

Say goodbye to your dream of being a rock star or a big business tycoon. Truth is, all you can do at this point for yourself is to keep a decent job. Other than that, all your time will be for your kids.


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