Top 10 Rules to Enhance Your Composition

Top 10 Rules to Enhance Your Composition

They say true photography does not have a text book grammar to follow, but just a grammar of heart to rely on. But, then also, just hanging around with a Canon EOS 5D Mark III will not make someone a great photographer. Photography is all about how far you can make your composition look interesting and unique; and sometimes dramatic. To acquire that sense of making amazing composition, you need to understand certain basic rules of photography. Here are the top 10 rules to enhance your composition.

1. The universal rule of thirds

Imagine the frame as a real estate plot which is equally divided in 9 subplots by 2 horizontal and 2 vertical lines. Now, you need to compose your picture in a way that the most important elements touch or pass through the third grid.

2. Capturing lines

Lines draw the attention of viewers. So if you are capturing landscapes, mind placing a line in a splendid way in your composition. Viewers’ eyes will follow the same route. It’s more like you are taking your viewer to a journey with yourself. It can be straight, curvy or just weirdly zigzag; but it will definitely add a different dimension to your composition.

top 10 reasons for amazing photography

3. Maintaining symmetry and dealing with patterns

Whether its nature or man-made world, it’s all about mind-boggling show of patterns or symmetry. Now, how you can make the most of these patterns is up to you and your sense of photography. You may also add a tone of subtle tension by breaking the natural symmetry by trying unusual angles.

4. Placing the elements

Photography is all about dealing with different elements found everywhere. Sometimes, it’s better to not to put your main element in focus, rather place it in an interesting off-centre place and balance that emptiness with adding another less significant object near the centre.

5. Point of View

Go to the Taj Mahal or Eifel Tower, every next person is busy capturing these timeless creations. And you will get bored to death looking at those copy-paste angles and frames. Here comes the point of view. A change in viewpoint can totally change the meaning of an image. Be as much creative as you can.

6. Deciding the background

A bad background can spoil a master composition. It can mercilessly destroy the depth. Keep an eye around and choose a rather simple and not-bothering background which will not rob the attention off the subject of your photography

7. Depth of field

The sense of foreground, middle space and background say a lot about a composition, especially when it’s nature or travel photography. So choose subjects in a way that define the depth.

8. Frame it right

Nothing can be more creative like Mother Nature. And it seems like she has carefully created natural frames everywhere around. All you need is an eye to perceive the framings and capture it in your frame.

9. Break the rules

It’s photography, not rocket science. You have full liberty to break the rules and set new rules. But remember; break the glass only when you know you can make a showpiece out of it.

10.  Crop and chop

Sometimes, you will feel that cropping a picture can actually add sense to it. Don’t think twice and go for it. After all, we have the ‘undo’ button.


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