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Top 10 Salon & Spa Marketing Ideas

Top 10 Salon & Spa Marketing Ideas

With the stiff competition being experienced in the salon & spa industry you ought to market and promote your beauty products in order to become competitive. Here are the top ten ideas on how you should go about marketing your salon & spa business.

10. Networking:

Get out there and make a name for yourself in this industry. Since you are more likely to get business from people who know you, you shouldn’t just place ads on the newspapers or whichever platform that you choose and just wait for results. Increase you business visibility by meeting with as many people as you can through different platforms.

9. Stealth Marketing:

Utilize the Viral Marketing platforms such as creating a website for your business or creating a brand on the social media networks. Create a buzz about your salon & spa on the major social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube among others.

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8. Email Marketing:

Remember, in this business your list of clients is a very crucial asset. In fact, the amounts of money one of your existing clients spends in your salon &spa business annually is about 10 times more than the cost of sourcing for anew a client. Email marketing is an effective way to keep a healthy relationship with your existing clients and thus promote repeat business.

7. Praise from Happy clients:

If you can afford celebrity endorsements to create more credibility and appeal for your business you should not hesitate to invest the opportunity. Identify personalities who can give you credible endorsements and testimonials to help improve your business. Utilize the power of the word of mouth extensively in promoting and marketing your salon & spa business.

6. The Power of Free:

Everyone loves anything free, some little gift or even a reward. Therefore if you utilize the power of “Gift with Purchase”, you’ll be surprised at how your business will grow in leaps and bounds.

5. Referral Programs:

Referral programs are one of the best ways of getting clients. You should have a referral program that encourages your existing clients to refer business to your salon & spa. The fact that you have a program in place will sort of make your clients start pondering on who they can actually refer to you. You can give incentives for clients who successfully refer friends or family members to your business.

4. Effective Words that Sell:

You should try out copywriting. It’s actually how you say it and not what you say that matters when it comes to marketing and promoting any business.

3. Cut a unique niche in the industry:

There is no way you can cut an edge over your competitors if you don’t cut a unique niche. Identify what makes you better than your competitors and focus on making it even better. Analyze the weaknesses and strengths of your competitors in order to know what to capitalize on.

2. Build good relationships:

Listen sincerely to each and everyone who visits your salon & spa in order to create a customized relationship that is long-lasting. Endeavor to know the likes, dislikes and interests of each of your clients.

1. Bold & Beautiful Business:

Create a bold and beautiful business module that attracts beautiful women. It’s a fact that beautiful and smart people attract new customers or clients to a business. Ensure that you make your clients to look the part.

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