Top 10 Searched Baby Girl Names

Top 10 Searched Baby Girl Names

So you just found out that your baby is going to be a girl. You’re ecstatic as this means you’ll soon be having a princess. You’ll buy all sorts of cute dresses with trendy accessories to match. Now comes the first decision you’ll have to make as a parent. What name will you give your daughter? Of course, you would want to come up with the right one as your daughter would be carrying this all throughout her life. Here are some of the top baby girl names.

 10. Charlotte

An English name which means “Strong”, it is popular with grandmothers and little girls. This would make a serene and thoughtful choice but it does border on the trendy. Other variations are Carlotta, Charo, Charlette, Charlisa and Charlyne.

 9. Eithne

Pronounced as “ITH-nee, it is an Irish endearing name which means “Fairy.” Variations are Enya, Ethnah and Ethnea and Ethnee.

 8. Emma

Emma is a German name which means “Universal.” Quite popular on the TV screen too as this is the screen name of Harry Potter’s Emma Watson and Spice Girls’ Emma Bunton. It doesn’t hurt that both girls are pretty as well. Variations of the name are Emeline, Emmy, Emelyn and Emmet.

 7. Ellie

Short for Ellen or Elaine, this English name means bouncy and fun. The modern version of Eleanor, it comes in variations of Elli or Elly and nickname, Elle (which happens to be the name of a really famous fashion magazine as well).

 6. Betty

Derived from the English name Elizabeth, this name has a classic touch of early 20th century glamor, known for the TV character Betty Boop, and the famous American actress, dancer and singer Betty Grable. You can also opt for variations Bette, Bettie or Betti.

 5. Ella

“Beautiful Fairy” is a beautiful meaning for the name Ella. Movie stars like Ben Stiller, John Travolta and Mark Wahlberg are fans as their daughters carry the said name. For variation, you can go for Alia, Ellia, Ellina and Ellie.

 4. Ann

Ann is a nickname of names like Anabelle, Annalise, Annika and Anissa. Other variations of the said name are Leanna, Leaeann and Liliana.

Baby Girl Names

 3. Sookie

Sookie is a perfect name for a pixie-like little girl and for a grown-up. It fitswell to someone in the creative field. For variations, you can opt for a different spelling like Suki, Sukie, or Suky.

 2. Millie

This is a sweet, English name that makes a sophisticated abbreviation for Millicent, Camilla or Amelia. Variations come with Milly, Milli and Miley. Think Cyrus to the last variation and you get the picture.

 1. Isabella

An Italian name which means “God’s oath”, it has remained to be one of the top five girl’s names for several years already. As elegant as the aristocratic actress Isabella Rossellini, who carries it, you can opt for variations like Isabel and Isabeli or tweak it a little by changing the letter S of the name to Z so it becomes Izabella and nickname her Izzy.


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