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Top 10 Shopping Savers Tips

Top 10 Shopping Savers Tips

Shopping for many of us is one of the most enjoyable things to do. Although shopping may put a smile on your face, a downfall here is your pockets will be empty in a blink of an eye, then you would ask yourself “where did all of the money go?” Take these ten tips on shopping to save money and put an end to buying unnecessary stuff.

10. Buy on sale. Buying things on sale will save you from 10% or even up to 70% the original price. You may seem excited seeing the new arrivals on the rack, allow yourself to think twice if you could wait for a couple of weeks for it to be on sale before getting one.

9. Buy in bulk. Food and toiletries can be bought in bulk and avail it at a lower price. You can easily do the math by comparing the price of one piece of bar soap to the value pack. This is advisable especially if you are a big family or do not have so much time to go shopping.

8. Use your coupons. Some people find it time-consuming getting all those coupons cut off from the magazine and newspapers. However, little do they know that these coupons can do you a lot of favor so much more if you’re on the budget. Once you get use to it, you’ll think of it as a routine.

7. Make a checklist. You can write down your shopping list on a notepad or your cell phone. Check and double check your list before leaving the house. This could save you gas expense – avoiding unwanted trips to the store for the things you forgot.

6. Set a budget. If you do the shopping for your home, you basically know the estimated price of each budget, or you may check it online to be sure. Allot a specific amount per item to avoid from over spending at each item.

5. Stick to the checklist. Get only the things that are on the check list. This will prevent you from getting things that are not needed as of the moment.

4. Plan before you indulge. If you can’t resist yourself from buying those pair of shoes or the gadget you’ve always wanted, do the math at home and plan on how to buy it in a way that your budget won’t be affected.

3. Shop alone. Shopping with a friend or company could give you motives to shop for unnecessary things for you but necessary for them. If a friend invites you to go shopping, you can suggest going window shopping, or grabbing a cup coffee or a bite instead. If this person is very insisting, you may join the shopping but set your mind and your budget.

2. Use your cash. Paying in cash is just one way of saving yourself from all those interest piled up on your credit card bill. The feeling of handing your own money to the cashier has a mental impact, too. It makes you think that you must stop spending for the day and starts saving before go shopping again. Unlike when you use your credit card, you don’t realize how much you’ve spend until you see your credit card bill.

1. Always ask “Do I really need this?” or “How important is this to me?” to yourself that way you can gauge the importance of each item you get. Also, think of how useful is this thing for you or your home. If it just adds to the clutter at home, leave it.

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