Top 10 Signs a Country is in Economic Trouble

Top 10 Signs a Country is in Economic Trouble

The economy all over the world has just gone haywire. You see people losing their jobs and investments everywhere. Sometimes, it might be hard to decide where to reside or work nowadays because the economy is so unstable. Here are 10 signs that a country is in economic trouble.

(10) Unemployment

Fine, there will always be unemployed people. However, the difference here is even people who are willing to work and have money cannot even find or keep a job because employers are unable to financially sustain them.

(9) Expensive health care

Everything has gone privatized. There is no longer free health care available because the government has no funds for it anymore. Even a tooth extraction costs a fortune. Immunizations are no longer free. In the long run, more people get sick.

(8) Low rate of manufacturing

Companies are no longer able to meet the demands of consumers. There is a shortage in products ranging from bread to batteries and everything in between.

(7) Household worth is low

Gathered data will be able to prove that as years pass by, households become lower in their worth. There is also poor maintenance in every household and sometimes, people don’t finish paying their mortgages.

(6) More out of school youth

The youth is no longer in school during school hours. Some of them are in the streets looking for trouble. Some of them are actually part of the population of the workforce because they need to help their families with expenses.

(5) Companies are unable to provide benefits

This is already a bad situation as it is, but it becomes worse because of the fact that people are actually willing to be employed by these companies because they have no other choice. They agree to work for the minimum wage even if there are no benefits received.

(4)People live from paycheck to paycheck

This is a harsh and sad truth. The moment you get your paycheck, you immediately turn it into cash and pay your debts and bills. It’s as if nothing is even left for food. Your money literally just passes through your palms.

(3) The quality of education has decreased

Education has become a privilege instead of a right. In addition to this, students are unable to gain the best learning experience in public schools because of lack in learning aids and facilities. Some countries even have problems with sitting because there aren’t enough classrooms or chairs.

(2) More homeless people

Beggars and homeless people are all over the area. There isn’t just any way to make a living and there are no places to stay because the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

(1)   Increased Crime Rates

Prostitution, drug pushing, murders and the like are rising every day. Crimes happen everywhere. The reason behind this is because people become desperate. They will do anything just to make money even it means risking getting in trouble with the law or going to jail. You know what they say, desperate times call for desperate measures.


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