Top 10 Signs Of Breast Cancer

Top 10 Signs Of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a cancer type that originates from breast tissue. It develops as a small lump in the tissues and then spreads into the lymph nodes. Women in the US are commonly diagnosed with this cancer. The reason lies in their lifestyles and eating habits. Early diagnosis is very important to increase the survival rate of its patients. Experts recommend that women must get the annual check-ups and mammograms done by their health care professionals. Here, we provide you with the ten signs to look out for while doing self-examination of breast cancer.

10. Detection of Lump

Breast lumps are one of the most common symptoms of breast cancer. It may develop around the nipples, under the armpit, near the lymph nodes or in the collarbone. Any such lump must be thoroughly examined by your doctor.

9. Swollen Breast

When a tumor develops underneath the breast tissue, it may cause inflammation in the areas near the breast. This may further lead to red and patchy skin extremely sensitive to touch.

8. Itchy Breast

A rash-less itch is also a common symptom of breast cancer. This may be accompanied by watery discharge from the nipples. If the ointments don’t help, it is time to get breast cancer screening.

7. Shoulder and Neck Stiffness

The breast is not the only area that is impacted by the tumor. It can also spread to the spine, shoulders, and the back leading to its stiffness and pain. So, if you notice that the pain in these areas persists for long even after exercising, massaging or medications, you must consult your doctor about breast cancer examination.

6. Change in the Breast Size

During breast cancer, it is common that your breast may change in size. Thus, it is very important to notice any changes in your breast size while performing self-examination at home. This can be done by standing in front of a mirror and checking visually if there are any signs.

5. Nipple Discharge

Breast cancer generally develops in the milk ducts. If you see any kind of discharge from the nipples especially when you are not nursing, may be in the form of water, milk or blood that leaves a scaly crust on the nipple, it is a sign that you might have developed a tumor.

4. Breast Tenderness

If you experience any kind of tenderness in your breast when you lie down, or any kind of irritation from your bra, there may be a chance that a lump has been formed along the breast tissue. This may be a cause of your discomfort and a signal to get yourself examined for cancer.


3. Nipple Sensitivity

Nipple sensitivity is another symptom to watch for. When a tumor develops underneath the nipple tissue, it causes abnormally sensitive nipples.

2. Nipple Changes

Change in the nipples is also a common telling sign of breast cancer. This is because the tumor develops underneath the nipple and changes its visual appearance leading the nipple to become flat, inverted, asymmetrical or indented.

1. Dimpled Breast Tissue

During the early stages of breast cancer, skin around the breast may turn red or become dimpled. In some cases, it may also appear to be pitted. Such signs must be watched carefully and need immediate attention.


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