Top 10 Signs You Need To Find A New Job

Top 10 Signs You Need To Find A New Job

Making a living is something that every adult needs to do. However, we are sometimes left at wits end about the issues at work that we sometimes feel like we don’t belong in a certain company anymore. Here are top 10 signs you need to find a new job.

Top 10 Signs You Need To Find A New Job

(10) You are more exhausted than fulfilled

A day’s work is supposed to be fulfilling. If you feel exhausted instead of being satisfied with your productivity for the day, then you are not happy with your job at all.

(9) You go home and talk not stop about how awful work is

Do you often find yourself complaining to your friends and family about how bad your day at work is? If yes, then obviously you don’t like what you are doing. You would either end up resigning or getting fired because of how your attitude towards work.

(8) You turn to substance abuse to lessen stress

Do you find yourself waiting for the clock to strike 5:00 PM and then run into the nearest bar to get a drink? This is very unhealthy and, not to mention, a clear sign of alcohol dependency. If you want to drink just so you can feel better after a bad day at work, then that work is not good for your health.

(7) You are not seeing yourself promoted soon

All employees aim to see themselves climbing the corporate ladder one way or another. However, there may be clear signs at work that you won’t get this soon like not being recognized by a job well done or nobody else getting promoted for a long time. You don’t want to stay in one position for too long, do you?

(6) You think your pay is not enough

Financial freedom is required for a worry free life. If you find yourself very tired but still in debt because you are underpaid then it is time to pass your resignation papers.

(5) You get sick more often

Your health is affected by the levels of stress you experience. You will start to lose sleep, feel more pain in your back or even experience fever and other diseases. Don’t let your job ruin your well-being.

(4) You are not challenged

Every day at work is a learning experience. You must be faced with new challenges on how to make you a better employee or person as a whole. However, if you find yourself in a daily routine of the same tasks for too long, then you are clearly not growing anymore.

(3) You don’t get the recognition you are supposed to

Being recognized is a need for every person. If you work too hard and go the extra mile to support operations and you don’t get the recognition you deserve, then you have to look for a workplace where people will be more grateful for what you do.

(2) Your boss treats you badly

A boss is meant to be bossy. But there is a very thin line between being bossy and being disrespectful. If in any way you feel like you are being harassed emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually then you better get out. You should not tolerate such treatment.

(1)    You are presented with better opportunities out there

A truly talented and skilled person like you will most likely be offered with many opportunities out there. If you think that it is a better job for you and your goals then you should not think twice at all.


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