Top 10 Signs Your Child May Have ADHD

Top 10 Signs Your Child May Have ADHD

It is quite difficult to tell if a child has ADHD or not because children are naturally playful or naughty. However, it is important that you consider it most especially if your child is overly hyper and showing 6 or more of these top 10 signs of ADHD in children.

(10) Your child is forgetful.

You find yourself constantly reminding your child of everything he needs to do and yet he forgets. Alongside this, he easily misplaces many objects such as his lunchbox, shoes, toys and the like.

(9) Your child is talkative.

It’s one thing to be a great story teller but it’s completely another thing to keep on talking and talking even if the words coming out of your child’s mouth does not make any sense anymore. In fact, when other people are talking he interrupts as well.

(8) Your child has outbursts of emotions.

He just can’t keep his emotions, whether good or bad, to himself. When he’s excited he can’t contain it. When he’s mad, he can’t contain it either.

(7) Your child can’t sit still.

When your little one is instructed to sit still, he won’t. In class, his teachers might report that he keeps on standing up during lectures. At home, when he is instructed to sit down at the dinner table, he fidgets and starts to stand up.

(6) Your child has trouble shifting focus.

Whenever doing something and then instructed to something else, your child has trouble shifting his focus. Not all children with ADHD may have this symptom but still, you need to observe if your child has this one.

(5) Your child does not complete his tasks.

Whenever given a task, a child with ADHD has trouble finishing it. Usually, he stops in the middle of the activity and then starts to wonder around doing other things. In school, he is unable to finish writing his notes because he ends up talking to his seat mates.

(4) Your child is impulsive.

Your child does whatever he wants without thinking about it. This is a very destructive behavior and must be controlled. It could even stay until adulthood and no one likes an impulsive adult.


(3) Your child can’t wait.

Your child has trouble waiting for his turn. In fact, there are many circumstances where he can’t stay in line for something. Sometimes, he would even fight another kid for his turn. Train your child as early as possible to be fair and to wait. This training should start at home.

(2) Your child is always on the go.

Your child is like a toy with unlimited battery. You just can’t make him stop. Sometimes, he won’t even go to sleep. He tends to have a louder voice than other children and he can run around as much as he wants without tiring out.

(1)   Your child can’t play quietly.

Some children are really a pleasure to play with because they know how to play quietly. Your child, on the other hand, starts to talk every now and then and just can’t shut up. If you make him stop talking, he starts to make sounds with the toys around him.


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