Top 10 Silly Religious Rituals

Top 10 Silly Religious Rituals

Every religion possesses numerous rituals. But in some religion, there exist some weird religious rituals. Here is a list of ten such silly religious rituals and traditions.

10. Wearing Undergarments at Temple in Mormonism:

It is quite ridiculous to wear religious underwear for the holy place even though these undergarments aren’t seen. For members, it is compulsory to wear the underwear during their visit to the temple. The male one looks just as a t-shirt and elongated shorts whereas the female one looks like ugly and loose-fitting diaper. These are viewed as an emblematic reminder where these cloths are worn during entering the temple.

09. Hammering the Dead Pope in Catholicism:

This strange tradition existed in the religion of Catholicism. Under this ritual, the dead Pope John Paul II was hammered on his head thrice. Hammering was done with a silver hammer to see whether he was dead or alive.

08. Baptisms for the Deceased, again in Mormonism:

In this religion, this ritual is performed for those persons who die without knowing God. As a result, these Mormons perform the ritual of baptism for them.  Several churches also practice this ritual after receiving such ordinances.

07. Satanic Sins in Church of Satan:

It’s surprising to hear that Church of Satan also have a set of rules and some weird rituals. Foolishness or lower aesthetic senses are considered as sin there.

06. Entering the spirit’s world in Shamanism:

In this religion, people try to go into the spirit’s world. It is a practice where the performer reaches to the changed or distorted states of consciousness to interact with spirits. Shaman is the person who has the access to enter into the world of spirits during this ritual.

05. Refusing modern medicine in Christian Science:

There are some rituals that still exist and hard to perform. It is the set of thinking and practices that belongs to the new spiritual movements known as metaphysical–New Thought family. This was created in the United States in 19th century. Following this ritual, people have become hesitant and refuse to have modern treatments causing death in some cases.

04. Mind Auditing in Scientology:

Scientology is the process which was originated from a science fiction. The members of this religion performing this ritual go through a review process with e-meters that examines their state of the mind as well as the ten levels.

Religious Ritualsv

03. Kapparot tradition in Judaism:

This tradition is practised by Jews in which they shake a chicken and pray to transfer the sins they have done to the chicken. After that it is killed and distributed among the poor.

02. Fictional reality in Jedi Church:

This ritual came to light due to the popularity of the movie series and books. So knowing about this ceremony, people can think that this is a religion based on movies or story books.

01. Ritual of circumcision in Judaism:

This is also a Jewish ritual which seems very awkward, though hugely practiced across globe. In this ritual, an 8 day male baby undergoes circumcision ceremony by a mohel. Later it is served with meal for all guests.


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