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Top 10 Smartest Animals on Earth

Top 10 Smartest Animals on Earth

There has been an endless debate over which animal is the smartest. Below are some animals you would not even think of making the list, but are there. So, don’t underestimate most animals, because the ones you do may just be one of the smartest.



  1. Cats

Cats have the ability to learn, solve problems, and adapt to a changing environment. They are also capable of acquiring a new attitude to new situations. They can communicate their needs and desires within a social group. Cats are also trainable animal, so they can respond to cues given during trainings fairly well.


  1. Squirrels

Squirrels are experts in adapting to their environment. They are quick to learn through observation alone. They have a great memory and abstract thought. Their great memory comes useful when it’s time to look for their buried nuts. They also remember where to search for food all year round. Squirrels are also good at tactical deception. They protect their food stores from would-be robbers, by expertly hiding them.


  1. Elephants

An elephant’s brain is extremely huge, weighing over 5 kilograms. Their brains are as complex in structure as that of human beings. They are capable of different behaviors, including grief, altruism and compassion. They are also capable of learning, allomothering, play, mimicry and are able to use tools, too. Elephants are also capable of language, memory and self-awareness.


  1. Octopus

The cephalopod class of mollusks, which the octopus belongs to, are the smartest invertebrates. They have an impressive spatial learning capacity, they can also expertly navigate, and have predatory techniques that are popular withing their class. Octopuses are also capable of observational learning. They are also capable of communicating with other cephalopods, such as the squid. They can camouflage their skin to protect themselves from predators.


  1. Dogs

Dogs have the intelligence to perform the duties he was bred for. Some of these duties are herding, fetching, guarding, and being good company to its owner. Dogs are also capable of solving problems by themselves. They can also obey simple and complex instructions and has the ability to learn by observation alone. A dog’s intelligence may also depend on the kind of breed it belongs to.


  1. Pigeons

Pigeons can be taught with complex actions and are able to respond to it. They have the capacity to remember large numbers of images for periods of several years. They also have a “homing instinct, which helps them to find their way home, even from a hundred miles away. They can even do it when blindfolded. They were also used by the Coast Guard to spot orange life jackets of people lost at sea. They were also used as messengers during World War I and II and in turn, saved lives.


  1. Parrots

Birds like parrots, have an ability to recognize and distinguish complex shapes. They can also identify beat of man-made music, which is known as “beat induction”. Birds have also been found to be capable of using tools. They can learn and imitate simply by observing other parrots. Parrots are also good with mimicry.


  1. Bottlenose Dolphins

Bottlenose dolphins can recognize themselves in the mirror, a sign of self-awareness, which is an indication of a highly-developed brain. Dolphins are naturally playful. Having that trait, they are able to play and use the things they find in their environment as tools. Dolphins are very intelligent animals as they can learn through observation alone and without prior training. They can do tail slaps, even without some training done. They have also exhibited an understanding of language. Dolphins are also equipped with the sense of sight, hearing, taste and touch. These senses were used in navigation, feeding, breeding and communication.


  1. Pigs

Pigs are naturally playful and smart. They can recognize familiar pigs from the unfamiliar ones. They can also socially manipulative with other pigs. This animal has a very good long-term memory, too. They are great when it comes to mazes and other tests that involves locating objects. Pigs can understand a simple symbolic language and also has the capacity to learn complex ones. Pigs know how to cooperate with one another and can also keep track of one another. they are also capable of being emotional, and empathize with the individual.


  1. Chimpanzees

Chimpanzee, are by far the world’s smartest animals, because of their ability to outwit human beings. they have excellent memories and are able to follow patterns well. They are great with numbers. Chimpanzees have the capacity to recall number sequences at random. They are self-aware animals because they can recognize themselves in the mirror, unlike other animals who really can’t. They have even used the mirror to observe and groom themselves, which they don’t do normally.



Animals are very interesting creatures. They never fail to amaze the human mind of their intelligence and abilities. They should be respected and loved and taken care of.

Animals and Birds

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