Top 10 Social Networking Sites

Top 10 Social Networking Sites

With the world becoming a global web with the internet, everything has become easy. From Work to Socialization, everything is easy and far more convenient. Social Networking sites have emerged as the biggest heavyweights in the Internet industry. We shall cover the top 10 social networking sites which have a global influence and a mass amount of users.

10. Live Journal

Top 10 Social Networking Sites
A platform to share common hobbies and interests, LiveJournal is 10th on our list. This place has grown popular largely because it is a place to interact with people of a common nature.

9. Tagged

With the affiliation from Facebook, Tagged is emerging as a place to make new friends all over the world. Featuring Games and platform to share experiences and interests, Tagged is 9th on our list.

8. Orkut

Once regarded as the most popular social networking site, the Google owned Orkut has lost many of its users to others, most significantly Facebook. Due to lack of chat option, Orkut has witnessed severe user decline since the popularity of other websites. Orkut has captured 8th place on our list

7. Deviantart

The 7th position on the hot list; A unique type of social networking site where you share your artistic works and your art skills. With this cloud based on the ART, the deviant art has also emerged as a comprehensive site bagging a lot of passionate artists.

6. Pinterest

A place to keep track of the work you love and want to complete. This is a place to organize yourself and keep track of your work status. A different type of idea worked for the developers with people joining Pinterest day by day. For those who love to see the completion and organization of their desired work, our 6th rank site is the place for those.

5. Google +

A substitute to Orkut, Google plus has unexpectedly grown popular largely due to its association with Gmail accounts. People can socialize and interact with others in a yet again thrilling concept by Google. Google plus has stood by Facebook as a competitor. The 5th position is bagged by Google plus therefore

4. My Space

Resembling deviant art, my space is a social entertainment platform based on music. Owned by Specific Media LLC, a leader in Music industry, My space is a perfect blend of social networking and music earning it 4th spot on the list.

3. LinkedIn

A familiar name to the mass number of professionals, this social networking site is regarded largely as professional networking. A public company which has acquired millions of users and unique user visits surpassing almost every other social website.

2. Twitter

The tweeting bird says it all. Twitter is the only social website after facbook to grow to such a limit. The blue bird being the symbol and idea, twitter has received a massive amount of visitor and users. With celebrities and other famous people communicating with fans and people amongst themselves, twitter has set new records earning its runners up position. Twitter is a platform which has enabled people to go viral in the public community.

1. Facebook

The undisputed leader of social networking. A idea that set way for new imagination with its owners turning billionaires in a young age. With almost 90% of internet accessed people on facebook, it has become the most popular site in the history of computers. With interface changing every year with introduction of everything, Facebook is the sole leader of the industry with its revenues matching Google.


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