Top 10 Strangest Canadian Laws You Probably Did Not Know Existed

Top 10 Strangest Canadian Laws You Probably Did Not Know Existed

We have all heard about weird laws in the United States that leave us wondering whether we need to criminalize actions that people in their right minds (for whom the laws are made) would never even consider trying. But usually, those laws are the direct result of people actually trying that bizarre stuff and ending up damaging something. Canada is no far behind than the US when it comes to such laws. Read on to know the strangest of all laws in Canada.

10. No swimming in the harbor

In Toronto, Ontario, it is illegal for you to swim anywhere in the water if it has not been designated a swimming area by the City. Once again, who would want to do something as crazy as this? Even if someone did, what are the odds they would stay alive to face justice?

9. No butter-colored margarine

It used to be illegal in Ontario to sell margarine of the same color as butter until 1995. In fact, margarine as a whole was banned in entire Canada from 1886 to 1948.

Butter not margarine

8. No Snowmen

In the city of Souris, PEI, it is illegal to build big monstrous snowmen. In fact this particular law is the reason why this city is famous. So if you go to the place on vacation, remember to not build an icy friend taller than 30 inches.

no snowmen

7. No Caffeine for non-dark soft drinks

Until 2010, it was illegal for soft-drinks of non-dark colors to contain caffeine. When energy drinks like “red bull” came about, the law was changed. Now you can find all kinds of soft drinks like orange and grape soda that contain caffeine. However, the limit of the amount of caffeine is still lower than that of dark-colored drinks.

6. No T-shirt for Cabbies

Did you know that taxi drivers in the city of Halifax, NS are not allowed to wear t-shirts while working? It looks like the summer must be a tough time for cabbies in that city.

5. No change

You will not technically be breaking any law if you buy stuff with too many coins, but vendors are allowed to cancel any purchase over $5 if the payment is made in nickels. The same limit for loonies is $35.

4. No Skinny dipping in Bancroft, Ont.

This was recently highlighted by travel writer Melanie Chambers. The law is quite clear: you cannot go skinny dipping within the jurisdictions of the city of Bancroft, Ontario.

3. No siren on bikes

In the city of Sudbury, Ontario, the only sound devices you can attach to your bikes are bells and horns. You could be fined up to $5,000 for attaching a siren.

2. No booze across provinces

You cannot move intoxicating beverages across states without the written permission of the provincial liquor control board. The law was made a little lenient recently to allow wines to be moved.

1. No whistling

You are advised to keep your enthusiasm to yourself if you are in the city of Petrolia, Ontario. Apparently, the reason for banning yelling, shouting, hooting, whistling and singing “at all times” is to keep the noise levels down to a minimum.


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