Top 10 Summer Camp Movies

Top 10 Summer Camp Movies

Summer is just around the corner and a few movies on the subject may be just what you need to get in the groove after a dark and gloomy winter. Summer is favored by most people over winter for many reasons. For one thing, you don’t have to put on layers upon layers of clothing before heading out; all you need is a t-shirt. Also, the weather is always good enough to be doing healthy outdoor activities. This is the reason most camps are organized in summers. Listed below are the 10 best summer camp movies.

10. Heavyweights

What could be worse for a fat person to spend the most fun time of the year away from home in a camp that has be especially designed for folks to make them feel bad? This is what this movie is all about; a group of fat people have to spend the summer with Ben Stiller.

9. Dirty Dancing

It is not advisable to watch Dirty Dancing alongside your parents because of the inappropriate scenes containing smutty affairs and plenty of Dirty Dancing. This is a romance-comedy set in arguably the worst ever summer camp.

8. Camp Nowhere

The value of teamwork, friendship and… lying to your parents, is learned quite thoroughly in this movie where every day is celebrated like Christmas by the participants of the summer camp.

7. The Parent Trap

Top 10 Summer Camp Movies

The basis of this movie is a plan so stupid that only a pair of Lindsay Lohans could have thought it up. There may be a few unrealistic elements in the movie but is an overall a good flick.

6. Indian Summer

The honesty involved in the storyline of this movie makes it one of the best summer camp movies of all time, which is why it appears on this list. In layman’s terms, a lot of opportunities for partying, smoking drugs and having sex were wasted in this movie.

5. Friday the 13th

This is more of a horror movie than one which could be enjoyed by kids. The setting is still at a summer camp and the story and acting are amazing, which is why it has made it to this list. All the attendants of the summer camp are systematically murdered by a madman.

4. Addams Family Values

“The kids are sent to summer camp” is the main theme of this movie which is based on the characters from a popular cartoon. This is arguably the best summer camp movie of the 20th century.

3. Moonrise Kingdom

Don’t think of this movie as just another summer camp movie. Watching this will really make you nostalgic about your time spent in summer camp. This film also shows the beauty of childhood love.

2. Meatballs

This is a straightforward example of a summer camp-themed movie. The message given in this movie is quite simple: it doesn’t matter who you are, just go out and have fun during the summer.

1. Wet Hot American Summer

This is the greatest summer camp movie ever made. This movie does not have a very clear story line, but this is where all the fun starts. Wet Hot American Summer needs to be watched to be understood.


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