Top 10 Summer Crafts

Top 10 Summer Crafts

Summer is one of the most exciting times that people look forward to throughout the entire year. Aside from the much-awaited break at school or work and the long overdue trips you’ve saved for, summer is also a time where you could unleash your inner crafter, giving you a lot of time to finally start that art project you’ve always, always wanted to try. Or if you haven’t got anything in mind, but would want to make use of all this free time, you might want to try some or all of these amazing crafts that made our list of the Top 10 Summer Crafts.

10. Crocheted Summer Bags

Top 10 Summer Crafts
Since summer wouldn’t be summer without a trip to the beach or to the park for a picnic, why not make a fashionable bag for all those summer goodies? All you need are a couple of yarns, needles and a good tutorial video in YouTube and you’re ready to go.

9. Spray-Painted Summer Accessories

All you need is a can of spray paint in your favorite shades of summer and accessories made of natural materials such as straw, and you can now transform those old boring hats, bags and slippers into a new, colorful addition to your summer ensembles.

8. Leafy Candleholders

Turn each summer meal into a tropics-inspired gathering by wrapping textured plant leaves around a simple glass candle-holder and placing them as a centerpiece at the table.

7. Shelled Pots

Who could stop themselves from collecting all those pretty shells on the shore? A good way to make use of those shells would be to decorate terracotta pots with them. You may leave the pots as is and make it an accent piece for your summer-themed home, or actually make use of it by putting a live plant in it and displaying it in your patio or garden.

6. DIY Flip-Flops

Turn those plain old flip-flops into new dazzling ones by adding embellishments to it such as buttons, pins and any other material you could think of. Save yourself from spending on those pininhos.

5. Waterproof Book Covers

Make sure your summer reading is protected from any kinds of splashes by making a waterproof book cover made out of oil cloth or vinyl. You’d want to keep your books dry and crisp in case you’d want to reread them in your cozy little nook while sipping on a cup of hot cocoa during the rainy days.

4. Summer Drink Umbrellas

Whipping up a summer party? Cut cheerfully colored papers and use it as a topper for your drink umbrellas. That would make each of your concoctions way more interesting.

3. Summer-Striped Tray

Un-bore your old baking trays and give it a new exciting purpose by making it into a summer, retro serving tray. Just cut up a few pieces of differently sized and colored stripes, attach them to the tray, and voila, another addition to your summer-inspired home.

2. DIY Cutout Blouse

Give your old, out-of-style blouse a new life by cutting out the neck, making it into an off-shoulder piece. While you’re at it, why don’t you trim it at the waist and make it a midriff blouse as well. There are also other cutout techniques that you can choose from.

1.Tie-dyed Shirts

Jazz up your plain, boring shirts by giving it a splash of different colors. There are different tie-dying techniques that you could choose from online, so try one or everything. Dye happy!


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