Top 10 Things Linux Can Do that Windows Cannot

Top 10 Things Linux Can Do that Windows Cannot

Did you know that Linux is an open source operating system? This means that the entire code that is written by the developers of Linux is legally available on the internet for free. Users are free to make whatever modifications they want to make and pass it on. Windows on the other hand would never make its source code public and charges its users just for the license to use. Granted that Windows has more features and is more user-friendly than Linux, there are still some things in which Microsoft’s operating system is left behind.

10. Evolution

You would do well to recall Windows Vista as an operating system simply because how much of an utter failure it was. It took Microsoft five years to recover from that failure. Linux releases major updates every six months and the users decide what should be added and what not.

Top 10 differece between Linux and Windows

9. Command Line

This entry does not really need an explanation, but the Linux command line is a lot more powerful than its Windows counterpart. However, you need some knowledge to work your way through the black screen.

8. Interoperability

It is very easy to connect Windows with Windows; harder to connect with other operating systems. Linux can be connected with systems running any operating system. It is easy to judge which the more versatile operating system is when it comes to networking.

7. Community

If a less experienced user experiences a problem with Windows, then they are likely to fall prey to tricks and scams after Googling a little. It is different with Linux. Not that you do not experience problems, but your problem is usually solved inside a few minutes after posting on the Linux forums.

Top 10 Uniqueness Linux

6. Package management

There is zero package management in Windows. Yes you can install an application with a few clicks, but what would you do in the event that you do not know which package you are looking for?

5. Flexibility

If you ever encounter a problem on the Linux operating system, there are always more than one ways to get rid of that problem.

4. Security

When was the last time you heard of a virus that was attacking the Linux operating system? Now ask yourself the same question about Windows. Nothing further needs to be said.

3. Server

Linux is the more preferred server system than Windows for a reason. It is more user-friendly; pretty much anyone who has some basic computing knowledge can set up a server. Also, it is a lot more reliable than Windows Server.

2. Desktop

Take a look at the two desktops side-by-side and it would be easier to figure out which interface is easier to use and more user-friendly. The Linux desktop is better than Windows for more than just user-friendliness. It is also more flexible.

1. TCO

This topic will be debated as long as these two operating system exist. Going for Linux is always better for an organization and not just because of the obvious cost factor. Linux of today has come a long way from the old Linux and more and more computer users are getting the hang of Linux.


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