Top 10 Things to Do on Father’s Day

Top 10 Things to Do on Father’s Day

Daddy, Dada, Dad, Papa, Pops, whatever you call him, you’re father’s special day is nearing and you can’t decide what to do for your dad’s special day and at the same time, you’ve given all of the gifts he could get for every occasion. Time together with your dad would be the best gift he could get. Here are some suggestions to choose from.

10. Breakfast in bed

Your dad is still busy and has to work even on father’s day? No worries, you can still surprise him by serving his favorite breakfast in bed. Add a little twist by making a funny video or slideshow that he can watch while he eats.

9. Cook out

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his tummy. Make your Pap’s feel loved by preparing a simple feast for father’s day, marinate some steak, set up the grill, and have a cook out. Bring lift your dad’s spirit by playing your dad’s fave songs.

Father’s Day

8. Go fish

How many times have you turned down your dad’s invite to go fishing? Try to make it up to him this time and put a smile to your dad’s face by grabbing him and a pair of fishing rods. Total bonding time. This idea may sound so boring because who does fishing nowadays, right? Just give it a try, besides it’s your DAD’s day, not yours.

7. Play golf

Go to the clubhouse and drive your dad to the golf course. It’s time for you to learn this game with no else but the expert. Who knows, you might be the next Tiger Woods after all.

6. Watch a game

See your dad’s eye bulge to happiness when he sees the tickets to his favorite basket ball team or any sports he loves right in front of him. This might be the best father’s day present he’ll have if he gets to see his favorite player. So don’t forget to bring your camera and take pictures. This will not only be exciting but you’ll both definitely have fun.

5. Dinner date

Want something fancy? Get a reservation at your dad’s favorite restaurant and order his favorite food on the menu. You might also want to splurge a little more by ordering his favorite wine or whiskey.

4. Hit the waves

Don’t waste the lovely day and be stuck inside the house, grab your swimsuit and your dad’s trunks and hit the waves instead. Don’t forget to put some sunscreen lotion to prevent sunburns on your skin.

3. Karaoke night

Sing your hearts out with a karaoke night. It’s now time to show off those songs you’ve practiced while you were in the shower.  Whether your voices are beautiful or scratchy doesn’t matter, all that matters is you guys will have loads of fun.

2. Mini Beer fest

Make this day special by throwing out a mini beer fest. Let your dad feel like his gone around the world, grab all sorts of beer from different countries a bucket or two of international beer brews would certainly make your dad glad.

1. Go outdoors

Camping, hiking, mountain biking, or whatever your dad wants to do outdoors, will be fun with you around. Plan a date with your dad to have a memorable time together.


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