Top 10 Things to Improve Your Posture

Top 10 Things to Improve Your Posture

Confidence and self-esteem are seen with your posture. However, sitting in front of the computer for hours will make you unaware of your posture making you feel back pains, headaches or neck pains. This bad habit may lead to more physical complications. Here are some tips to improve your posture.

Top 10 Things to Improve Your Posture

10 Move it

Your work may involve a lot of sitting; this may result to strained and tired muscles.  To prevent having such aches from happening, stand up and move around at least every 30 minutes. Walk around your office while thinking instead of being seated. This way, you are able to stretch your muscles also.

9 Keep it straight

To have a good posture, you must keep the parts of your body straight. Make sure that your ears, shoulders and hips are all aligned. Keep your stomach in and your chest out. Do this position when you are in a standing position, too.

8 Feet Flat

Keep your feet flat on the ground. This position is very helpful for your back. It helps and supports the weight of your body. Avoid crossing your legs and being in an Indian seat position to lessen the tension in your muscles.

7 Choose a Good Chair

Your chair for working must support your back and your spine. When you take a seat, see to it that the hollow part of your back is rested. If not, get a pillow and put it behind your back to support the hollow part. Make sure that you are comfortable with it.

8 Spend for Your Feet

Having a good pair of shoes will do a lot for you. When you are choosing what shoes to buy, keep in mind that it provides sufficient support for your arch. Having comfortable shoes will lessen the tension in your muscles which are all connected to your spine.

7 Posture Police

Make it a habit to have a good posture. If you forget about this every now and then, make a game out of it in the office. Ask your colleagues to remind each other in having a good posture. Stick a post it on your desk that you may always read to jog your memory about your sitting position.

6 Man in the Mirror

Having a mirror near you will also help in keeping your proper posture. Whenever you see you reflection, you will be more aware of the way you are positioned. Check the way your body is positioned; your ears, shoulders, and hips should always be aligned.

5 Exercise

Daily exercises will help in maintaining a good posture. You do not necessarily have to sweat it out every day. A good 5-minute stretching exercise before working will stimulate your muscles to be relaxed, thus releasing the tension in your body.

4 Don’t Exaggerate

When you are at the correct sitting position, you must feel comfortable. If you look like a robot seated on your chair, it means you are over doing it. All you have to do is to keep in mind the alignment of your ears, shoulders, and hips.

3 Bend Your Knees

When you pick up something on the floor, bend your knees as you go down. Always remember to keep your back straight. It’s the same principle for carrying things; bend your knees as you carry something to support the weight of the object. Sudden back movements may be dangerous resulting to unwanted spine injuries.

2 Adjust Head Rest

When driving, your head rest must be at the proper position making sure that your head is comfortably positioned. You may notice that your head rest is not positioned properly when you start feeling neck pains.

1 Comfy Bed

Your bed can be a big help in your posture. Having the bed that is just right for you would depend on your preference. A bed too hard or too lumpy will make it hard for you to find your right sleeping position. Remind yourself about slouching when you lay down sideways.


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