Top 10 Things You Can Do In The Summer Period

Top 10 Things You Can Do In The Summer Period

People get a long summer holidays. So do not get stuck in your house and get bored. Go out and enjoy your summer. There are lots of things to do. Here are top 10 lists of things to do in the summer holidays and make it a blast.

10. Make a scrapbook

Scrapbook helps you to keep all of your memories intact with you forever. You would like to cherish all your sweet moments through it. To make sure that all your memories last forever, take lots of photos in the summer with your friends and put them together in a scrapbook. Let your friends to add comments to it. It will surely be an excellent keepsake.

9. Catch a flick at the movies

In the scorching heat outside it’s better to be in a cool dark cinema hall. All the blockbuster movie releases in the summer, and it has its own taste of fun to hangout with a group. Look forward to book up the whole row and enjoy the moment.

8. Hit the summer sales

Summer sales are just awesome. Anyone would love to bargain at their favourite stores. Chalk out a list of your things and go for lots of shopping of new trendy pieces.

7. Attend a music festival

Most of the big music festivals celebrate during the summers. Dance, pop and rock the whole party and surely you will have an excellent day. Only stay hydrated by drinking lots of juices and water.

6. Pamper your besties

Pampering each other is the best way to have fun. Call over your besties and invite them to come with their skin care and make up kits. Give each other awesome facials in turn and try out new attitudes of you.

5. Plan a pool party

It’s good to have a pool party in the long summer to keep cool. A small inflatable pool can also add to the fun for a splash. You can add water pistols and start a water fight!

4. Get cultured

Art galleries are also good to visit. Look for the latest exhibitions in newspaper or internet and spend some time there with your mates.

Summer Period

3. Go bushwalking

You can have a tour of a national park. The fresh and clean air along with exercise will make your skin beautiful, while the peace and quiet atmosphere will give you a total relaxed feeling. Do not forget to take a map, hat, sunscreen and of course plenty of water, and make sure that you’ve informed someone of where you are going.

2. Sun, sand and surf

When you are feeling low and want to do something to have a fresh mind, you can surely take a dip in the ocean. But of course, remember to protect your skin from the scorching sun with a hat and sunscreen.

1. Host a sleepover

The best way to spend your summer holidays is to call your best mates and plan a party. Arrange for foods and music and have a blast out. Let it be a small party or a big pool party, nevertheless you’re guaranteed to have enough fun.


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