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Top 10 Things You Do Not Know About Zombies

Top 10 Things You Do Not Know About Zombies

We all picture zombies as scary creatures who rose from the dead. This perception was further strengthened in popular culture through television shows such as “Walking Dead” and in the movies like in the film “Night of the Living Dead.”  But there are more to these creatures than just being scary. Here are ten things you might not be aware of about zombies.

10. The idea of a zombie first came into being in 1929.

The conception of zombies as walking undead creatures first came into the minds through the 1929 novel by William Seabrook entitled “The Magic Island.” The book served as an inspiration to the 1932 horror film “White Zombie” which served as the debut of zombies on the big screen.

9. Zombies are real.

The 1929 novel of William Seabrook only proves that zombies do exist. In fact, zombies became the subject of the doctoral dissertation of Wade Davis, a known anthropologist. He set out to an expedition in Haiti in search for the secret ingredient on creating zombies. His findings were later published in two books namely “Passage of Darkness” and “The Serpent and the Rainbow,” which became a movie directed by Wes Craven and starred Bill Pullman.

8. Several diseases manifest zombie-like symptoms.

In reality, there are several diseases that make an individual resemble a zombie. Sleeping sickness is characterized by the victim having slurry speech and losing concentration. Necrosis results to a breakdown in connection between skin cells and the nervous system. Dysarthia keeps people from controlling their voice or loss their ability to enunciate which makes them moan like zombies searching for brains.

7. The CDC is ready for the zombie apocalypse.

Are you ready for World War Z? The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has prepared for this eventuality and has set up a site dedicated to zombie apocalypse and how to prepare for it.

6. Australia is a Zombie-Safe Region.

In case zombies do attack and conquer the world, consider heading to Australia. In a survey conducted by Live Science, the Land Down Under emerged as the safest country in case of zombie apocalypse. Canada, the United States, Russia, and Kazakhstan completed the top five. The survey ranked the countries based on their location, topography, weapons availability, and “military readiness.”

5. Bill Hinzman, the first movie zombie, became a top horror actor and director.

Bill Hinzman rose to prominence as a horror actor after making his debut as a zombie in the 1968 horror classic “Night of the Living Dead.” He went on to appear in other smaller zombie movies and even directed a couple of horror movies. He died on February 5, 2012 at the age of 75.

4. A $70 zombie movie was featured at the Cannes Film Festival.

Despite having a small budget, “Night of the Living Dead” became an instant box-office success. In 2009, “Colin,” a British zombie epic was featured in the Cannes Film Festival even if its production budget was only $70. The movie’s director Marc Price used word of mouth and social media to increase the movie’s popularity.


3. George Washington could have been the first real life zombie.

Imagine teaching children that the first US President was also a “zombie president.” This could have been a reality if a physician named William Thornton succeeded in experimenting with the body of George Washington and resurrecting it by filling up his lungs with air and lamb’s blood.

2. Dictator Francois Duvalier was believed to have his own zombie army.

Francois Duvalier ruled Haiti by infusing fear, intolerance, and violence among his people. Legend has it that Duvalier established an army by raising them from the dead and training them in different zombie states. With this army, Duvalier established himself as one of the most feared men in the history of Haiti.

1. Vice President Joe Biden was once infected by the Human Zombie Syndrome.

Vice President Joe Biden was believed to have been infected with the Human Zombie Syndrome for about five weeks in 2010. This was confirmed by White House officials. The only impact it had on the vice president was that he avoided gaffing and making inappropriate statements in front of the press.

  • Kaye Henson

    This list is just hilarious and a fun read. Even research some of them actually. On a different matter, I am a fan of zombie movies… if it would be possible, I want to be one of the living survivor. lol!

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