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Top 10 Things You Should Include in Your Resume

Top 10 Things You Should Include in Your Resume

By now, you already know how to make a basic resume. And everybody does, too. Since everyone knows how to make one, how do you make yours stand out. Here are top 10 things you should include in your resume to make employers want to read it more.

(10) Your responsibilities in previous job experiences

Usually, you will just be including your past job experiences. It pays to include your job description as well so that your potential employer would have a good grasp on the things that you can do because of what you have completed in the past.

(9) Places you have gone to

Employers want to know how far you have gone in the world, literally. Include a summary of your travel experiences because travelling is always a form of learning and it shows how well you are adjusting to different kinds of environments.

(8) Low Jobs

List down even those job experiences that don’t have any relevance or are not at par with the job you are applying for. This will impress your employer more if he finds out you have been a crew member at a fast food chain just to finish college.

(7) LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is basically a social networking website for professionals where your connections are everyone in your professional background. Aside from seeing an online portfolio, your future employer will also see how technologically inclined you are.

(6) Side Projects

If you have part time gigs on the side, then those are still considered as experiences. For instance, do you sell computer parts online? Place that on your CV. This will prove how motivated you are to make money.

(5) Awards

This won’t be boasting. It is your resume; employers are expecting it to be as fragrant as possible. Thus, place all your achievements in there. Your future boss will be able to see how competitive you are.

(4) Medical History

Your medical history is a big deal to employers especially if you have special conditions you want to point out and tell them up front. If you are healthy then place that you don’t have any special medical conditions that need attention so you can get cleared easily.

(3) Video Resume

Well, obviously you can’t print this out. Upload your video resume on YouTube and then place the tiny link on your actual CV so that your bosses can view it. Besides, this will serve a very good purpose for you in the future when you look for other jobs as well. This will make you set yourself apart from the crowd.

(2) Realistic Objectives

Don’t list down objectives in general and don’t state the obvious such as “being financially stable”. Be specific within the company’s boundaries as well. Write in there “to become one of your head IT technicians in the future”. This will make them know that you are inclined towards the company’s foal as well.

(1) Don’t Oversell

There is a difference between making our resume fragrant and overselling. Don’t use overwhelming adjectives such as “awesome” or “the best” because even if you are really good in math, you are obviously not the best mathematician. Remain realistic.

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