Top 10 Tips for a Perfect Wedding Proposal

Top 10 Tips for a Perfect Wedding Proposal

Congratulations! You have finally decided to get married and propose to your girlfriend. Now, proposing could be a big deal and it is really nerve wracking. However, if you make it really creative and really interesting, then you can be sure that you get a teary-eyed, unforgettable and 100% “YES”! Here are the top 10 tips for a perfect wedding proposal. Consider this as the first step to the rest of your lives!

Tips for a Perfect Wedding

(10) The Music

Music is essential to every wedding proposal. You know very much how the type of music can affect the mood of a person. Make sure to play something special in the background, something memorable if possible. Also, if you have the budget, why don’t you surprise your loved one with a performance from her favoritebands.

(9) Include the Family of the Bride-to-Be

This is a special moment for your girlfriend, and it is best that you share this with her family. Besides, you will want to let her family know that she is in very good and loving hands with you.

(8) Ask for Help

If you really want a big and effective proposal, then you will need to ask assistance from a group of people. Think of creating a proposal committee. You need this because if you be busy preparing everything, your girlfriend will definitely be suspicious and it could ruin the surprise.

(7) Timing is the Key

Pick the perfect moment to do this. As much as possible, choose a day where your girlfriend does not have any work. Make sure that when you propose to her, she is in a stress free state. If your girlfriend is a morning person, then do the proposal over brunch. If she is an evening person then do the proposal over dinner. Also, make sure that you will be able to invite everyone important in your lives to make the event even more memorable.

(6) Choose a Memorable Location

Choose a significant place in your relationship. If you first met in the cafeteria of your school, then consider proposing there. If your honey enjoys the beach, then consider proposing in the shore. Don’t forget to place reservations ahead of time when you need to. Inform everyone ahead of time as well but make sure that they keep it a secret.

(5) Prepare a Speech

Don’t just get down on your knees and ask her to marry you, go the extra mile and prepare a very touching speech. Include the reasons why you want to marry her and how happy you would be if she said yes. Tell her how much you love her and how you want to spend the rest of your life together.

(4) Don’t Skip on the Engagement Ring

A wedding proposal is never complete without the wedding ring. Get some of her friends to find out what type of engagement ring she dreams of. Allot some money for it ahead of time cause it might be expensive and she deserves only the best.

(3) Mix in a Little Bit of Humor

You have probably seen wedding proposals with a mob dance and those are really funny and entertaining. Try to do something the same that can crack everyone up!

(2) Think about Your Audience

Though most women would feel that they want the world to see a man proposing in front of them, check to see if your girlfriend is comfortable with this set up. If your girlfriend gets anxious around a lot of people, then it is better that you keep the proposal private to the two of you and your close friends and family only.

(1) Create a Backup Plan

A back up plan is needed just in case there are some things that might go wrong. Have a backup plan for the music just in case the band does not show up; be prepared with an extra vehicle just in case it is part of your plan. Make sure every aspect of your proposal has abackup. After all, you are aiming for perfection for your future life partner!


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