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Top 10 Tips For A Profitable Bakeshop

Top 10 Tips For A Profitable Bakeshop

Baking is one of many skills people want to learn. Though it is quite difficult, the benefits you would reap are great. Imagine baking your own pastries every time there is a gathering or simply making your own bread for breakfast. Some people even turn it into a business. If you are considering it, too, here are top 10 tips for a profitable bakeshop business.

10. Invest in a big oven

Your small oven just won’t do anymore. If you really want to save time in production and utilize more time for running the business, then you will need an industrial oven.

9. Choose a location properly

Don’t just decide to open a business anywhere. Bakeshops need constant customers because most bread and other pastries are not delicious anymore after a few days so you need to dispose everything otherwise you lose profit. Choose a location where there are lots of people and where there is less competition.

8. Get a health certificate

You need to ensure that aside from being delicious, your products are clean as well. All your employees, including you and your location should be issued a health certificate. Some customers will ask to see this so hang it where it can be seen.

7. Experiment on recipes

Keep on trying new recipes and form a menu that is definitely to die for. Remember, there are lots of bread out there, it is up to you to make yours stand out. Keep on getting better.

6. Price reasonably

Don’t be too expensive or too cheap. Make sure you price reasonably so that you can gain a lot of customers. There should be a certain percentage of profit you maintain across all your products. If you need a financial expert to do this, then go ahead and hire one.

5. Hire trained bakers

Don’t just hire any kind of help. Hire people who know how to bake and those who know there way around the kitchen. If you want, you can train them yourselves but never ever leave them alone in the kitchen without being equipped with the right knowledge in baking.

4. Packaging methods

Pastries are very sensitive and can easily get damaged. That is why you need to invest in appropriate packaging. This may be expensive but don’t worry because this should be part of your overhead cost.


3. Think of a catchy brand name

Give your business a creative name that customers will easily remember. And make a nice logo as well. Imprint this logo in boxes, paper bags, aprons and just about anything that can be seen in your shop. This is one trick to successful merchandising.

2. Look for suppliers

Where you get your raw products is important. The closer it is to the manufacturer, the cheaper it will be. If you buy in bulk, it will cost you less as well. You may even get discounts for being a constant customer. Make sure everything you order are fresh and are delivered on time so you won’t have problems with production.

1. Take care of your employees

They are the heart and soul of your business. Without your loyal bakers, you won’t be able to operate. They know your secret ingredients and recipes and can easily turn their back on you to start their own business so be kind to them and compensate them fairly. Don’t forget their benefits as well.

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