Top 10 Tips For a Successful Garage Sale

Top 10 Tips For a Successful Garage Sale

Everybody loves a good buy from a garage sale! The same way that everybody loves a good sell from it! Garage sales are indeed a great way to make money and clean clutter from the garage and house. Here are top 10 tips for a successful one!

(10) Start Early

Don’t wait until after lunch before you start your garage sale. Open early and close late. This is just a few days of sacrifice that will pay off. Besides, you won’t be having a garage sale all year long. You are probably going to have it for just a few days so this shouldn’t be a problem. Set aside all other commitments.

(9) Designate a Checkout Station

The thing with garage sales is that it isn’t organized. In order for it to be successful, you need to make sure that there is one check out station where real time auditing will be done. Also, the person in the checkout station must be trusted as he is going to be the one handling all the finances.

(8) Publish Your Garage Sale Way Ahead of Time

Put up signs around your community and use social media to let people know you will be having a garage sale. It helps to take pictures of the stuff you are selling in order for customers to see what they can expect or if there is anything they are interested in.

(7) Display Some Goodies at the Checkout Station

If you know how to make a few goodies like candies or cookies, then go ahead and make some for display at the checkout station. Your customers will probably be exhausted from shopping so they will opt to buy some cookies while paying for their items.

(6) Price Wisely

It pays to look into the history of the stuff you are buying. Don’t just price impulsively but, price wisely. See how much these items cost on eBay and assess the items as well on how long they have been with you or how many times they have been used and include that on the tag.

(5) Start Way Ahead

If you plan to have a garage sale, you should start collecting for your inventory way ahead, like months ahead. This is for you to be able to maximize the days your garage sale will be on operation. Gather everything you can sell. The more items you have, the more profit you will earn.

(4) Resell Stuff

Talk to people who sell stuff and ask them if you can resell. You can simply add a dollar or two to the original place and that would already make a lot of difference.

Garage Sale

(3) Create A Team

Ask help from other people on how to make your garage sale more successful. See if your relatives can help out and designate them in areas most especially if you are having a big garage sale because you might end up with stolen items because of low work force.

(2) Have Some Changed Prepared

Most people overlook this but it is very important to have some change prepared. One customer might pass on a sale just because you don’t have change for his 100 dollar bill.

(1)   Plan On What to Do With Leftovers

Not everything is going to sell. There will be a lot of left overs. You can either resell them again or why don’t you give back to the community and give them to charity. That would really help a lot.


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