Top 10 Tips For A Tomato Garden

Top 10 Tips For A Tomato Garden

Although the packets of the tomato seeds that you buy have introductory information about the variety of tomato you want to grow, it doesn’t say much about the care and cultivation of the plant. If you want your plant to give you the kind of yield you expected, then you ought to follow these top ten garden tips of tomato.

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10. Planting the Tomatoes Deeper:

If you want your tomato plants to have a stronger rooting system you ought to plant the seeds deeper. If you are transplanting the tomato plant, then you should bury it as deep as possible; however, you shouldn’t allow the lower leaves to touch the soil in order to avoid soil borne diseases. Such a root system will create increased damp conservation.

9. Pinch Back Suckers:

You should get rid of suckers, which are actually the new flora growth in amid the stalk and stem. Indeterminate tomato plants grow incessantly, limited only by the season, while their determinate tomato counterparts don’t need a lot of pruning. Suckers on the top bunch of flowers only are the ones that you should remove. In fact, if you don’t do it correctly chances are that you will only be throwing a way possible fruits as you prune.

8. The removal of the Bottom Leaves:

If you want to promote the top growth of your plants, then you should get rid of the bottom leaves once the plants have established. After all, the leaves won’t be able to support the photosynthesis processes of the plant because they actually don’t get enough sunlight. Removing them will also help prevent certain diseases.

7. Tomato Cages:

There are various types of tomato cages in the market today; you can choose a cage depending on desired strength and height. Apart from that, you should ensure that you choose a cage that has a strong enough frame for supporting several pounds of weight without bending.

6. Mulch:

You should do mulching around the tomato tree plants so as to conserve the water through insulation. Moreover, the mulch will also reduce the risk of diseases. Red plastic mulching is one of the options you should try out.

5. Proper Watering Methods:

When it comes to watering, you have to treat your tomato plants kindly by watering properly instead of splashing water harshly on the plants. Instead of soaked foliage, you should direct the stream to the plant’s base. Too much moisture on the leaves is bad for the plant because it increases the risk of diseases.

4. Companion Planting:

There are certain plants that will act like a good neighbor to your tomato plant like the marigolds which have an aroma that attracts pollinators and repels nematodes. Other plants like Chives, Onions, and Garlic have odors that repel most insects from the tomato plant.

3. Crop Rotation:

The place where you plant your tomatoes ought to be interchanged just like you would do for any other crop. Practicing crop rotation after every three to four years is enough to give you a good yield. Normally, growing one type of plant on the same piece of land for over three years exhausts the necessary nutrients and thus reducing production.

2. Don’t Over Fertilize:

The mistake that most gardeners do is putting too much fertilizer on their plants. In fact, all a tomato plant requires is just a humus rich soil to thrive properly. Adding some phosphorus and nitrogen will be great for your plants though.

1. Deter Slugs and Snails:

You can use Copper barriers in deterring slugs and snails which can be a serious nuisance in a tomato garden. In fact, if they are many they can completely mess up your tomato plants and kill your investment.



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