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Top 10 Tips For Aspiring Writers

Top 10 Tips For Aspiring Writers

Many young people dream of being successful writers, authors and journalists. However, it is not that easy to become one. You really need to work hard and be present where opportunities are. Here are top 10 tips for aspiring writers.

(10) Live Your Life

As much as you want to stay at home and keep writing, you will see that if you live your life to the fullest, you will gain more inspiration. So go out, invest on a nice laptop or go for the traditional pen and paper and start writing about real experiences. Meet new people and visit many places. Just keep on moving!

(9) Be Original

Plagiarism is a mortal sin for writers. Never ever copy other people’s work. Everything you publish must be your own work. Moreover, make sure to copyright your work so yours don’t get copied.

(8) Look for a Writing Job

The best way to improve your skill is through practice. And what better way to practice but to look for a writing job. You just don’t get to write, you also get paid. Start with freelance writing jobs online then once you have a portfolio, you can start submitting applications to local or national newspapers.

(7) Finish Everything

Piled up and unfinished work is very unbecoming of a writer. Make sure you finish what you start before you move to another one. Finish all drafts and don’t let an idea get rotten.

(6) Start A Blog

A blog is a great way to gain followers. Look for a passion or niche that you are passionate about and write about it. Don’t forget to follow other blogs as well and then don’t forget to use the power of social media to share your new content.

(5) Know The Rules

Writing is a technical skill. You can say it’s an art but the truth is there are many rules you need to follow. It may sound right when you read it but it may be grammatically incorrect. You must study the rules and know them by heart.

(4) Don’t Believe in Overnight Success

If you decide to be a writer today, don’t expect to be successful tomorrow. Many successful authors took years before they got their big break. While you don’t have yours yet, just keep on practicing.

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(3) Accept Criticism

Everybody who will read your work will have something to say about it.  Not all feedback will be good. Learn to embrace the not so good ones as constructive criticism and embrace each one and use it for improvement.

(2) Don’t Do It For the Money

Successful photographers did it because they had a passion for taking great pictures. Recognized dancers did it because their feet couldn’t stop dancing. Fame and fortune is secondary. Loving what you do comes first. If you are passionate about writing, you are more likely to succeed in your craft. Embrace writing and love everything about it.

(1)   Keep on Reading

Read as much as you write. Don’t just stick to one type of content. Experiment on fiction and non-fiction books. In fact, you can even learn a thing or two from children’s bed time stories.

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