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Top 10 Tips for Successfully Working with Your Team Members

Top 10 Tips for Successfully Working with Your Team Members

If you are in a situation whereby you feel that your company is not achieving its objectives then you need to do an evaluation to detect the exact problem. Here are top ten ways of improving your team’s performance and avoiding working for extra hours to get things back on track.

10) Improve the work Atmosphere:

As the leader of business owner you ought to set the right atmosphere at the work place by being a good example to be emulated. Besides what you say and do, you should also show that you allow for certain things to be done in such a way in the company. You ought to make it clear that everyone in the team should be treated with respect without exceptions. You should also ensure that you boost the team member’s morale with incentives and awards.

Working with Your Team Members

9) Open Communication:

If you want to get that personal time that you badly need, you ought to engage open communication platforms. This will help you in handling conflicts at the work places before they go overboard and get blown out. You’ll be amazed at how the team members will start coming up with great ideas, which you hadn’t thought of, on how to improve the business.

8) Clearly define the job description:

Remember, to avoid conflicts at various workstations you ought to define the job descriptions for various positions very clearly. Furthermore, you ought to take a personal initiative of doing some induction and training to new hires so as to make certain that they have the necessary skills to meet your expectations. This way you don’t have to always wonder why your team is not performing even under very comfortable atmospheres. In fact, you should pair up a new hire with an experienced team member who has a positive attitude.

7) Approach is very essential:

As a manager, you need to make sure that you come to work with a positive approach to support your team in achieving better than it did the previous day at work. If there is a team member who is ever complaining and thus demoralizing other team members, ensure that you work on it regardless of whether that team member is one of the best performers or not. Every team member deserves a good working environment in order to achieve the company’s goals.

6) Listening to your team members:

Although you are expected to be the source of suggestions as the management, there are great brains amongst your team members who shouldn’t be ignored. If you take out time to listen to what everyone has to say about taking the business to the next level, you’ll realize that you don’t have to spend several hours at work in order to make things right.

5) You Need Successors:

Remember, for you to get the time you need and impress the executives by building the business for the future, you have to start building successors. As the management you ought to identify the people who have the potential to grow and consequently give them the room to grow.

4) Delegate:

For you to be able to concentrate on the core issues of the business, you have to delegate duties. This will help you free up enough time to look at the bigger picture of the business or company. Most managers work to execute a wide range of tasks in a company just because they believe that they can handle them more effectively or faster enough than any other team member. You ought to create enough time for yourself and your family so as to avoid making the job of managing the company boring.

3) Proper Planning:

If there are certain fires that keep popping up almost every day at the work place ruining the smooth running of the business, then you need to find a long term solution to them. Pouring water on them every time they arise will either worsen the situation or make it habitual. As a manager, you should ensure that your budgets, goals and how to achieve them are all properly planned out.

2) Hold Them Accountable:

Although this might sound like intimidating your team members, it’s very necessary. Allowing few team members to underperform for fear of confrontations is not a good approach because it can encourage the rest of the team members to start performing poorly. You ought to address individual under performance issues.

1) Have Fun:

Since professionals spend most of their time at the office or workstation, you ought to ensure that you provide challenging tasks but in a great atmosphere. Allow for some fun hours within a month so as to promote team building.

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