Top 10 Tips for Those Planning To Move Home Right after Graduation

Top 10 Tips for Those Planning To Move Home Right after Graduation

Now, it has become a tradition where young people move out of their own house right after graduation and start living life on their own. At first, it brings the sense of unbound freedom with it followed by the sense of terrible mind-shaking self-responsibilities along with the perpetual urge of survival. All at once, you are out of the comfort zone and every next trivial thing cries for your attention. Plus, you have that quivering adventurous spirit inside poking you every now and then to live life to the fullest i.e. doing some utter insensible and self-destructive (that you will realize after spending another 6-7 winter in NYC).

Hence this article is dedicated to those who are planning to move home right after their graduation party.

10. Balance is the keyword: You might have come across or read about ‘successful’ people abusing the word ‘balance’ with their sheer lifestyles. But this is not the right time to worship those success icons. Rather bring the balance in your own life for a better future.


9. Make real friends: If you don’t know what ‘real friends’ means actually then I’d suggest you to stay with your parents. Stop making just friends and make real friends if you don’t want to bang your head against the lonely wall fighting some crisis in the new city.

8. Save your resources: So you have got some real cool big bucks from your graduation party and then the birthday bash. You are all game for it. Stop. Don’t waste that money on mere pleasures of life. You are going to need this money soon.

7. Grow some culinary skills: Your mom won’t be there to cook you your favorite pie or grilled sandwiches. So if you are not willing to starve to death or spend all your odd earnings on Mac cheese stuffs, better learn cooking ASAP.

6. Try to get a credit card: Apply for one with a low limit and swear to yourself to use it only in emergencies. It would be best not to have any credit card, but one such will do for now.

5. Choose the destination wisely: Pick a city or town where you have some friends or close acquaintances living. It will help you find a rented place or sublet room and you will not feel lost in a crowd.

4. Earn money, regularly: College is not only for fun and friendships. It’s about doing odd jobs in spare times and earning odd bucks as much as you can.

3. Aim for the right career path: Don’t go for something that sounds classy. Go for a career that will be there after 4 decades or can offer you flexibility.

2. Practice being humble: Right now, you have nothing to be proud of. So don’t behave like a rich spoiled brat until you are so.

1. Believe in yourself and your sufferings: In the next few years, you are going to be through a lot. That suffering will definitely reap some benefits in future and it will also make a better and stronger person.


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