Top 10 Tips on Camping Etiquette

Top 10 Tips on Camping Etiquette

If you enjoy camping you definitely know that some etiquette is necessary for one to have the best time when out there camping. Here is a list of the top ten tips on practicing the best camping etiquette.

10. Camping closer to other campers isn’t right:

Parking your caravan or trailer where other campers have already established a campsite isn’t a good attitude. Some people just want their privacy when out there camping and since they were first in choosing that spot you should just look for another option.

9. Using generators:

Usually there are rules governing the time frames within which you can run generators. Disobeying the rules and probably running the generators all night long is a sign of rudeness. If you go out don’t leave your generators running all day, as well, disturbing other campers who remain behind at the campsite. Moreover, some national parks don’t allow the generators and thus you should respect that rule.

Camping Etiquette

8. Trespassing other people’s campsites:

If you are camping with your children you should take an initiative of teaching them not to walk through other people’s campsites. Instead, teach them to walk around them and not to be sneaky while taking such a walk.

7. Don’t leave traces of your visit:

Don’t just put the rubbish in the fire-pit and assume that the next camper will burn it or it’s not your job. Imagine finding used disposable nappies popped in a bush close to where you have just chosen to create your campsite. Dispose, bottle tops, tins and glasses in the right manner.

6. Control pets and children:

If pets are allowed in the campsite ensure that you control them well. You should also control your kids so as to avoid breaking rules or disturbing the peace of other campers.

5. Toning down voices and sounds at night:

If you can’t retire early just ensure that you allow those who want to rest to do so. Tone down any noises at the campfire so as to avoid disturbing other campers. If you are partying ensure that you don’t affect anyone.

4.  Being friendly to other campers:

Saying a quick hello is enough to suffice friendship. You shouldn’t invite yourself to diners or to the campfires where people are discussing their own issues. If people invite you for a drink you can do so without becoming an unwanted guest. If you are invited, you should know the right time to return to your campsite.

3. Respecting campground and national park rules:

There are certain common rules like the recommended driving speed, not feeding native animals and not using certain machines like generators that might disturb and excite animals. It is your responsibility to teach children to follow the rules if you are camping with them.

2. Keep the campsite facilities as clean as possible:

If the campsite has facilities such as flush toilets, showers and pit toilets ensure that you keep them clean by using them properly so as allow other campers a good time when camping. Teach your children to avoid dropping tissue paper all over on the ground.

1. Don’t chop down trees if there is no firewood:

Don’t spoil young trees by using them for firewood or running over them with your van/trailers. There are shops that sell firewood close to most campsites or campgrounds.


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