Top 10 Tips on How to Buy a Used Caravan

Top 10 Tips on How to Buy a Used Caravan

Buying a used caravan is a great way of getting a perfect caravan for your holidaying and still saving some quick bucks as you spend. Here are the top ten things that you ought to consider in getting the best caravan suitable for your budget.

10) Caravan or campervan?

You ought to decide on whether you would like to be travelling to a lot of places or a lot of campsites. In other words, it boils down to the kind of holidaying you would like to be doing a lot. Campervans are good for regular travelers while caravans are good options for people who want to travel to different campsites.

Buy a Used Caravan

9) Size matters?

Of course, the larger the size the more spacious and luxurious you can make your caravan to be especially if you have a family. By approximating the number of people you are likely to have in most of your itineraries, you can work the right size of caravan suitable for you. You should also consider looking at the towing weights when deciding on the size of caravan you need.

8) Always do some research?

Do some background research on the cost of new models of the caravan that you are about to buy so as to know the right estimate of the second hand version. You can use the internet for quick researches and decision making concerning the selected models before making a purchase.

7) Check the seller:

Remember, caravans can be easily passed off as legit and thus you ought to be wary of the millions of scammers both on the online and offline platforms. Although most legit dealers tend to be expensive they can at least be trusted or even found whenever they are needed in the future. Cheap is expensive!

6) Inspect the caravan over thoroughly:

You shouldn’t overlook anything when checking the condition of the van in daylight. Since, you are investing your money and you want to get the best travel experience with your caravan, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best.

5. Check for damp:

Give the joins and seals of the caravan a thorough inspection to ensure that they are all in good form. Once you are done with the exterior, you should proceed to inspect for any dam places in the interior of the caravan. The D.Y.I stores in your locality sell dam detectors that can come in handy in executing such tasks.

4. Inspect the doors and windows;

In fact, checking out the doors and windows of a second hand caravan before buying is top priority. Ensure that the latches of the doors work perfectly and close securely. Ensure that the seals are fine because they can be very expensive in replacing them. The replacements for the old model caravans are also not easy to find.

3. Check the chassis and gears:

A legit dealer won’t mind you hocking and poking around as you inspect the van. You can slide under the caravan to check the chassis and axles in order to be sure everything is as the dealer claims. If you find out that the dealer is not willing to allow you inspect the caravan extensively then there might be something he or she is hiding.

2. Check the gas and electrics;

Rogue dealers try to cover flaws in these systems by doing simple D.I.Y repairs in readiness for viewing. You ought to be careful to avoid falling prey to such fraudsters. If you are not so sure about your capability to inspect the vehicle fully you can get an expert to do it all for you.

1) All the little things

Ensure that you keep your eyes open on any extras that may come up. Adding anything to a vehicle for sale can add up big time and end up being extremely costly. Look out for extras such as batteries, chargers, gas canisters and TV aerials. To avoid being scammed, you should also make sure that you get it clear in terms of the caravan’s history.


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