Top 10 Tips on Surviving As a Freshman in First Year at University

Top 10 Tips on Surviving As a Freshman in First Year at University

Joining university changes the type of person you are and defines the exact type of personality you’ll become in your future life. The journey through the four years of university and the experience that you’ll garner at the university are all dictated by the foundation that you build as a freshman in the first year. Here is a list of the top ten tips to guide you through your first freshman year.

10. Go to class!

Although it sounds like common sense, you ought to respect and follow this tip. Remember, unlike high school where you have to be coddled to do your work, professors don’t have time to beg students to build their future lives. Furthermore, you will be treated as a young adult in university and thus you have to behave like one. Even if you are a genius drop the university ego and get serious with your class work.

Surviving As a Freshman

9.  Balance your time properly:

Remember to always balance your time between academic work and social life adequately. For instance, you can’t expect to wear your university student stereotype belt and go partying four nights in a week and be able to do lab reports, various assignments and general class upkeep properly. You’ll be happier with the degree.

8. Do all the assignments!

Although the assignments are not graded or critiqued as they used to be in high school you ought to always make sure that you do them so as to gauge yourself. Doing the assignments is an easy way of gauging whether you understand the concepts being thought in class.

7. Meet and interact with People:

You will obviously need people to support you both academically and socially through your journey. The secret is ensuring that you surround yourself with people who have positive attitudes towards life and are more focused on making the best out of their studies than anything else. In fact the connections that you make in campus will be invaluable even after you are through university.

6. Take Classes You Enjoy:

Since most degree programs have electives you should consider filling with what suits you. This will enable you to have at least what you enjoy as you pursue your degree. Definitively your performance in a class that you enjoy will be high.

5. Spend Your Money Wisely:

Money will definitely be scarce for you during your four years in university unless you come from a wealthy family or thinking about doing some side hustle to complement your pocket money. If you get a private or government loan you have to ensure that you use the money wisely. Otherwise operating without money can be quite disturbing in campus and can even lead to poor performance.

4. Lean on Your Family:

Your family and close friends will always be there to support you through the years in campus. Don’t surprise them by starting ignoring them during your first year. It might be very hard for you to get back to them when things start getting thick in the following years.

3. Choose the Right Field of Study:

Don’t choose your degree based on how much money you are likely to make as a career professional once you graduate or what your parents expect you to do. Choosing the right area of study should basically be guided by your interests and your academic strengths. You ought to do some research before selecting a program.

2. Study for exams adequately:

You should start studying intensively for your exams about a week before the exam day.  Use small review questions in preparing for your exams on a daily basis. Unpreparedness can lead to panicking and probably under performance.

1. Do whatever it takes to get it right:

Step up your efforts by doing more researches and consulting widely when you find that you failed understanding certain aspects in your class. Take a personal initiative of seeking guidance from your professors too.


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