Top 10 Tips to Conserve Battery Life of an iPad

Top 10 Tips to Conserve Battery Life of an iPad

If Apple’s claim is to be believed, you get up to 10 hours of battery life with a full charge on the new iPad. However, every minute of battery time is important; this can only be realized when an urgent mail needs to be sent and the battery dies the moment you are about to press “Send”. So here are a few tips which would help you in conserving battery life on your new tablet.

Top 10 Tips to Conserve Battery Life of an iPad

10. Auto-Lock Sooner

You have the option to choose after how long inactivity, the screen of your iPad should lock itself. The earlier the screen turns off, the more battery time you would have when you really need it.

9. Turn off Equalizer

The iPod app on your iPad has a built-in music equalizer that can adjust different music settings like bass and treble. The calculations done for the conversion of sound are done in real-time and takes up processor cycles, which in turn take up power. This is why turning off equalizer would save battery life.

8. Reduce Screen Brightness

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that the greater the brightness, the more battery power is required. Low brightness settings are enough to see the tablet indoors.

7. Use Auto-Brightness

You iPad has a feature which automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen judging by the surrounding light. This will reduce drain on the battery and the screen will automatically dim itself in dim locations.

6. Turn off Location Services

A lot of horsepower is required by the iPad to run a GPS application. If you don’t need it, it is best to turn it off so that the battery power has a chance to be used where it is required. Also, turn off all applications that might be using location services.

5. Fetch Email Less Often

You can tell your iPad how often it should check the servers of your email provider to determine whether there has been a new mail. If you can live a few minutes without reading new mail, consider changing this setting to 10 minutes or more.

4. Turn off Data Push

The Data Push feature automatically moves data from the internet to your device and as you probably know by now, wireless connectivity requires battery power. Turn this feature off if you don’t need it.

3. Turn off Bluetooth

Bluetooth is used to connect the device to other devices or to accessories like wireless headphones or speakers. You probably don’t need Bluetooth turned on most of the time you use your iPad, so keep it turned off.

2. Turn off 3G

You probably realize by now that wireless connectivity of any kind requires battery power. It’s true, so turn off 3G and 4G services if you are not using them.

1. Turn off WiFi

Only turn on WiFi when you are in the vicinity of a hotspot and need to connect to the internet. WiFi takes the most amount of battery power of all types of wireless connectivity, so keep it turned off when you can.


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