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Top 10 Tips To Enjoy A Greener Life

Top 10 Tips To Enjoy A Greener Life

A lot has been said about going green, saving environment, controlling pollution etc, but less has been actually done in reality. Somehow we are failing to gauge the damaging power of Mother Nature or we are underestimating the after effects of our own deeds. Either way, we are acting like those fools who keep on digging their own death-beds and one day order their own wreaths.

Here are the top 10 simple tips that will make your life (and this earth) greener and better –

10. Save Energy, save your pocket: It can itself be a complete article. But we will just give you the best tips. Go for CFL. Unplug mobile chargers or laptop adapters when the battery is full. Don’t put your machine or electrical appliances in hibernation if not in use; switch them off. Cove the cooking pans with lids.

9. Save water, save lives: The latest washing machines offer you the ‘eco wash’ choice; try that. Don’t let the tap run when you are brushing; it’s a bad habit and bad wastage of water. Don’t indulge in long time shower breaks daily. Try to boil water as per requirement. Make sure that your plumbing system has no leaks.

8. Go low in fuel: Go cycling whenever possible like for grocery shopping, meeting your neighbours or catching up with a friend who lives two blocks next. For office, make car partners and share rides. Carpooling is a great idea. If you have the chance, try public transport.

7. Get organic: To provide food to the blasting population of this world, farmers are using techniques to produce more foods in less time. Logically, it cannot be done in natural or organic ways, but it is poisoning the soil to a great extent. So choose food items like meat, fish, vegetables, dairy products which are organically produced.

6. No bottled water: What happens when you throw the mineral water bottle in the bin? Millions of people are throwing away millions of plastic bottles every next day. So think about the waste. Try not to use bottled water. Use other means.

5. No more plastic bags: These killer bags are blocking the drainage and sewage system everywhere. These non-biodegradable products are the biggest threat to the existence of human race. So use paper bags or other environment-friendly carry bags instead.

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4. Recycling is the keyword: You will find ample of recycling stores in and around your locality. So whether it’s your old gadgets, appliances; or your torn shirts and jeans – you can recycle almost anything and everything.

3. Embrace sharing: If we can share our books, music CDs, movie DVDs – it can save environment from a lot of unwanted wastage.

2. Read e-materials: Why reading paper books when you can read the ebook versions in your Kindle? It will save the jungles and trees from getting chopped off.

1. Go farming: Grow vegetables in your little backyard. You will learn what it is to be organic, connected to the nature and growing your own food. Start with easy ones like potatoes or spinach.

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