Top 10 Tips to Improve your Productivity at Work

Top 10 Tips to Improve your Productivity at Work

People are busier than ever before. Truth is, even with the technology present, we still get our hands tied with all the tasks we need to accomplish at work. That does not seem as a problem at all especially if you have an organized way of carrying out your tasks. However, you must admit, there are days when you can’t help but procrastinate that you find yourself unable to finish anything. Thus, here are top 10 tips to improve your productivity at work. Battle the lazy version of you today!

(10) Locate your peak time.

You get tired and it is perfectly understandable that you don’t get to work with heightened energy for the whole day. So locate your peak time. If you work best before lunch break, then do all that you can during that period.

Improve your Productivity at Work

(9) Do not multi-task.

A lot of employees are great multi-taskers. However, it is not expected that you are, too. In fact, you might be part of the population of workers that are less productive when they multi-task. Solution – do one thing at a time.

(8) Follow a schedule.

If you have too many tasks to do, set a schedule for each one. For instance, by 10 AM, you should be done with your daily reports, by lunch time; you should be done by reporting to bosses and colleagues and so on and so forth. Follow your schedule and you should be able to finish everything within your shift.

(7) Put your phone away.

It’s okay to place your phone near you in case of an emergency. However, put in on silent mode and keep it in your bag or drawer. A single beep can let you lose your momentum.

(6) Clear out your work station.

If your space is organized and clean, your brain can work smoothly as well. In addition to this, it lessens distraction. Just place the things you need in your desk such as your laptop, planner, a pen, a glass of water and the like. Everything else should be kept neatly.

(5) Do not overwork yourself.

Most of you would want to do overtime especially during times when you want to finish a lot. Over fatigue will cause you will be unable to carry out tasks for the next day thus, you will become less productive.

(4) Take breaks when needed.

Breaks during your shift are there for a reason. You need to take a breather when you can so that you don’t get too stressed out on one task. Standing up and stretching every once in a while can increase your productivity.

(3) Prioritize.

If you have deadlines, then prioritize those that are needed first. It is the smartest thing to do. Also, do not accept any other workload when you are already swamped. Just make sure you explain it nicely to your boss.

(2) Set a daily goal.

By the end of the day, you must have a list of tasks that you are done with. And it must be consistent with each and every day. Keeping this routine of setting goals will make you a lot more productive.

(1) Know your distractions and keep them away. 

You know yourself very well to know the things that distract you such as FaceBook, music, television, noise and the like. So make sure to keep your workplace free from these distractions.


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