Top 10 Tips to Mend A Broken Heart

Top 10 Tips to Mend A Broken Heart

Everyone goes through a broken heart. You are really a lucky person if you don’t get to experience the pains of a heartache. Some people would even say they’d rather go through broken friendships than broken relationships. Well, that’s life and the pains that come with it and though you may want to kill your ex-lover right now, consider these top 10 tips to mend a broken heart first.

(10) Recognize your Strengths

Take a piece of paper right now and list down the things you love about yourself. If you zoom in on your strengths, you will lose the feeling of being such a loser just because your lover left you. Keep this list near you at all times to serve as a reminder.

(9) Help Someone Else

Sublimation means you divert your negative feelings such as being broken hearted into something more productive. Since you are single now, why don’t you be a friend to someone or help someone in need. Helping others is guaranteed to make you feel better, too.

(8) Laugh it Out

Don’t wallow on your loneliness. Join conversations in the office and spend time with friends to laugh at the silliest things. You will find that laughter is very therapeutic.

(7) Give Yourself Me Time

What progress have you missed out on because of your past failed relationship? Go back to your missed hobbies. Develop your skills again for photography, sewing, dancing and the like. Spend the whole day in the spa and get a make-over. Just relax!

(6) Don’t Go For Rebounds

Don’t look for a replacement while you are still healing. That plan will back fire and it is going to be very unfair to your rebound. Besides, you should not love someone when you’re lonely, love someone when you’re ready.

(5) Be Happy Alone

You can never be happy with someone else unless you are happy by yourself. Learn what makes you happy deep within. The reason why you are so broken hearted right now is because you relied on someone else to make you happy. And now that he’s gone, you just can’t seem to get back up on your own two feet.

(4) Know That You Have Friends and Family

Your friends and family are very willing to embrace you through this tough time. Do not overlook or underestimate their presence. Make it a point to talk to them every once in a while and update them on what is going on because they are worried.

Broken Heart

(3) Don’t Blame Yourself

Yes you have had your faults but remember that it takes two to tango. He has had his faults, too. So don’t blame yourself for everything because you will end up unable to move on forever.

(2) Talk About It

You might want to avoid the topic at times but if you want to talk about it to someone, go ahead and do so. Call a trusted friend and just pour out your feelings if you must.  A listening ear and a crying shoulder always helps.

(1)   Go Through Your Emotions, Not Around It

You will go through a lot of emotions at this phase and it is healthy to go through it rather than avoiding it. For example, if you are angry at your ex and refuse to talk to him, then just go through the emotion of anger. If you are sad and you want to cry then just go ahead and break down.


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